"Zhong Guo Zi" Textile Machinery Inspection Center Settled in Qixian Town, Shaoxing

As the famous textile town of China, Qixian Town, Shaoxing County, Zhejiang Province, the presence of the National Textile Machinery Quality Supervision and Inspection Center will undoubtedly add new significance to this famous textile town. In May this year, the center successfully passed the on-site review of the assessment team experts appointed by the National Certification and Accreditation Administration Committee and the China National Accreditation Service for Conformity Assessment (CNAS). This also means that the "Zhong Guo Zi" textile testing center will also formally operate in the near future.

Shaoxing county, as China's famous textile printing and dyeing industry cluster, is pregnant with a huge consumer market for textile machinery. After years of development, Qixian's textile manufacturing industry has also made considerable progress. In the textile exhibition area of ​​the recent Keqiao Textile Expo, more and more Qixian textile machinery companies have appeared and competed with domestic and foreign textile machinery equipment manufacturers. The processing and manufacturing of key components has reached the domestic first-class level. , with a higher cost performance.

“The quality of textile machinery directly affects the pace of transformation and upgrading of the textile machinery manufacturing industry.” The relevant person in charge of the government of Qixian Town told the reporter that in order to improve the overall quality level of the town's textile machinery, the government helped the government to create a “famous textile machinery town”. In cooperation with the National Textile Machinery Quality Supervision and Inspection Center, the supervisory bureau established the Shaoxing Center in Qixian. “This textile center has only two centers in the country, one in Wuxi, Jiangsu, and the other in our town of Shaoxing, Qixian.” The responsible person stated that the Quality Supervision Bureau plays a major role in the settlement and preparation of the center.

It is understood that through this review, the scope of inspection capabilities authorized by the center has increased to 73 authorized products/parameters, mainly involving the production of main products and accessories of textile machinery in Shaoxing County, and the transformation and upgrading of service textile machinery enterprises.

The person in charge of the Qixian Branch of Shaoxing Quality Supervision Bureau stated: “The establishment of the center will help textile machinery companies improve product quality, establish brand reputation, enhance new product involvement and development capabilities, and create a cluster of Chinese textile machinery manufacturing for Shaoxing County. Provide technical support.” It is reported that, in addition to undertaking tasks such as testing and appraisal of the national textile machinery products, the center will also provide technical services and consultations for textile machinery and its parts and components.

At present, the center has carried out special inspections of textile products with the county quality supervision department, testing multiple batches of textile products such as computerized horizontal weaving machines, computer gloves machines, rapier looms, rapier towel loom and its accessories. The rate reached 80%. According to the person in charge of the center, “it will promote the orderly production of enterprises and enable textile machinery enterprises in Shaoxing County to continuously enrich textile and accessories varieties and improve the overall quality through technological transformation and government research and development, so as to increase the added value and market share of the products and realize The transformation and upgrading of the entire industry."

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