What is the characteristic of tea vacuum packaging machine?

Tea vacuum packaging machine features: Vacuum packaging machine use advanced microcomputer control device, drive stepper motor control bag length and sign positioning, function is stable, easy adjustment, accurate detection. Automatic bag making, measurement, filling, sealing, points Cut, count, print batch number and other functions.

The appearance of the packaging is particularly triangular, elegant, popular, and reinforced to show efficacy. The packaging looks particularly triangular, and can also be presented in other forms, elegant, popular, and reinforced to show efficacy.

Tea Vacuum Packing Machine Arts and crafts characteristics Vacuum pump Selection of tea food pump, excellent function, low noise, fast speed, energy saving and time-saving selection of high-tech line control system, safe and reliable, simple and practical, easy to use and easy to use; double row of fever, bilateral Synchronous vacuum and sealing, vacuum machine shell full selection of high-quality stainless steel, elegant popular, strong generosity, easy maintenance; the use of acrylic panels, labor transparency, the vacuum process is known; automatically open the lid after the vacuum, flip the lid automatically Electricity, high automation level, safe power saving; the base is reinforced with four universal rotating wheels, easy to move and carry.

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