What are the advantages of monitoring and early warning using the pest-induced intelligent forecasting system?

The pest-induced intelligent forecasting system is a high-tech product of bionics. It uses artificial sex pheromones or similar chemicals that induce sexual attraction to attract male pests, and kills them for statistical analysis. The method of attracting insects is completely different compared to the report lamps. It is precisely because of the special nature of the insect pests induced intelligence forecasting system that determines its specificity, because it can only produce attracting effects on the same species of insects, but has no effect on other insects, and In summary, we can see that the advantages of monitoring and early warning using the pest-induced intelligent forecasting system mainly include the following points:

Pest Induced Intelligence Forecasting System

1. The insect pest induced intelligence forecasting system is a highly accurate monitoring and warning device for pests and diseases, which satisfies the urgent need for accurate forecasting and forecasting of modern insect pests. With it, the forecaster can detect the occurrence of pests before the economic loss occurred, and accurately determine the location and scope of the damage, and help to formulate the correct control strategy, select the appropriate control measures and the best spraying of pesticides. time.
2. Insect pest-induced intelligent forecasting system is generally aimed at trapping and killing males. Therefore, with this system in the field, the number of male populations is significantly reduced, and the mating rate of females is significantly reduced, effectively suppressing the occurrence of larvae.
3. The use of insect pest-induced intelligent forecasting system not only reduced the target insect population and reduced the number of pesticides used, but also protected natural enemies. Other non-target pests in the field were also controlled due to the increase in the natural enemy density, and gradually controlled the insect pests. Since then, the ecological environment of agriculture has been significantly improved. At the same time, it has ensured the diversity of biology and met the requirements of modern agricultural product production safety and ecological construction.
It can thus be seen that the monitoring and early warning of the insect pest-induced intelligent forecast system not only plays an important role in preventing and controlling insect pests in the field, but also plays an important role in the development of ecological agriculture and is an important part of modern agricultural development. Technology applications.

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