Ultra High Voltage Electric Lifting Jack Functional Description

Hydraulic jacks, also known as hydraulic jacks, are jacks that use a plunger or hydraulic cylinder as a rigid jacking element. Simple lifting equipment is generally only equipped with lifting mechanism for lifting heavy objects. Simple structure, light weight, easy to carry, easy to move. Commonly used simple lifting equipment include hydraulic jacks, pulleys and winches.

Ultra High Voltage Electric Separate Jack (Electric Hydraulic Jack)

Function description: It has the characteristics of large output power, light weight and long-distance operation. Electro-hydraulic jacks are equipped with our ultra-high pressure oil pumping station for top, push, pull and squeeze operations.

Large tonnage synchronous jacking hydraulic jack Function Description: Bridge jacking, tunnel jacking (jacking), installation or commissioning of heavy equipment, shipbuilding hull jacking, propeller loading and unloading or mainframe installation, jacking buildings to move existing buildings , Lifting and measuring of oil well platforms, synchronous presses, horizontal load shifting, etc.

Tower Crane Pulleys

There are many types of Tower Crane Pulleys, to divided in the material, there are Tower Crane Nylon Pulley and Steel Pulley; to divided in the application, there are Wire Rope Pulley and Cable Pulley. For the size and demension of tower crane pulleys, we can manufacture as customer's demand. Wellcome to consult us for more details.

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