The use of security doors

The use of security doors reveals the secret! What are the main uses of security gates? Perhaps the most common one we have is airports, high-speed railway stations, or train station bus stations. In fact, the purpose of security doors is far more than these. Here are the paths for everyone to briefly introduce:
The use of security doors can be mainly divided into the following categories:
First, it applies to the government's administrative department: It includes the safety inspections of illegal metal articles in various places such as the Public Bureau, the Procuratorate, the Court Trial Division, the supervisory yu, the reeducation through labor, the detention liusuo, and the guardian du.
Second, it applies to social public places: including sports venues, entertainment venues (disco, KTV, song and dance halls, etc.), airports, train stations, bus stations, ports, customs, banks, exhibition halls, museums, concerts, large-scale sports Safety inspection of entrances to various public places such as competitions, schools, banks, oil depots, and power stations.
Third, it applies to production-oriented enterprises: including electronics (such as: chips, memory, circuit boards, hard disks, mobile phones, MP3, translation, recording pens, electronic devices, etc.), wire and cable, electrical appliances, gold and silver jewelry, cigarettes, and pharmaceuticals , Ink cartridges, industrial and mining, hardware, electroplating, pressure casting, plumbing equipment, precious metals (copper, aluminum, etc.) and its processing and other related industries or various important enterprise safety inspections. (Note: The application of security doors in production companies has a dual role: security inspection and theft prevention. Security inspections can effectively prevent people from entering the factory with dangerous goods, and at the same time prevent employees from carrying prohibited items.)
The above is the thorough demystification of security doors! How is it?


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