The overall technical level of China's coal deep processing goes to a new level

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China Drying Network News learned from the Shaanxi Coal Industry Chemical Group Coal Construction Company that the country’s first comprehensive utilization project of coal quality is Shaanxi Coal Chemical Group Inner Mongolia Jianfeng Coal Chemical Industry Co., Ltd. Large-scale coal pyrolysis-coal tar hydrogenation-coke gas Chemical and co-produced chemical product projects have already completed basic design and are stepping up civil construction. The project will explore a new path for the clean and efficient utilization of coal sub-quality in China, and help push the overall technical level of coal deep processing in China to a new level.

It is reported that this project is a key project in the "Twelfth Five-Year Plan" in Inner Mongolia and will be built by the EPC of Shanghai Shengbang Chemical Technology Co., Ltd., which is expected to be completed and put into operation in the first half of 2014. The project is located in Ordos City, Inner Mongolia and was jointly built by Shaanxi Coal Chemical Construction Corporation and natural person Liu Jinxi. The project plans a total investment of 9.67 billion yuan, including an annual output of 3.8 million tons of coal pyrolysis, 250,000 tons of liquefied natural gas, 500,000 tons of coal tar hydrogenation, 1.6 billion cubic meters of coal to syngas, 200,000 tons of acetic acid, and 10 million tons of coal And other devices, as well as public facilities such as heat, electricity, water, and gas.

Xu Haiting, deputy general manager of Jianfeng Company, told the reporter that the biggest feature of the project is the realization of the comprehensive utilization of coal in the sub-quality. The project first adopted coal pyrolysis to extract light volatile components from the coal and obtain coal tar, gas and clean raw materials. The coke breeze, then the coal tar is hydrotreated to produce fuel oil, the surplus gas is purified, methanated and compressed to produce compressed natural gas, which enables efficient use of the light components in the coal. As coal-based oil, gas and chemical products are co-produced and heat and power supply technologies are used interchangeably, the energy cascade utilization and resource closed loops run through the entire process, and the project's comprehensive utilization rate of resources approaches 100%, which will create a low-carbon coal chemical industry in China. Environmental protection and efficient development of a new situation.

In addition, the project also for the first time used the proprietary rapid pyrolysis technology of pulverized coal with proprietary intellectual property rights of Sinopec Coal Group and the use of delayed coking catalytic hydrogenation of medium temperature coal tar to produce clean fuel oil. The technology was used in the same device to achieve the advantages of the two technologies. Complementary to maximize oil yield and ensure oil quality.

It is understood that the project is located in the hinterland of coal, with self-allocated coal mines, and the cost of raw materials is relatively low. The main products are liquefied natural gas, diesel, naphtha, liquefied gas, sulfur, and acetic acid. After the project is completed and put into production, it is estimated that the annual output value will reach 10 billion yuan and the profit will be 1 billion yuan.

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