The KS SNSN excavator loader is the absolute king!

The Case N series of backhoe loaders, combined with the most advanced technology and design concepts of the global industry, reproduce the style of "Engineering King" that year, and was praised by the industry as "the return of the king." The Case 590SN excavator loader is the king of the king.

Case 590SN backhoe loader, the perfect combination of super power and various functions, its flexible maneuverability, multi-function, strong power, long life and is welcomed by the majority of users. The high speed of 46 km / h and the machine with a power of up to 82 kW, plus more than 25 working attachments at the excavation and loading end make it a construction tool for municipal construction, construction, agriculture, gardening and public utilities.


590SN performance parameters

Rated power (kW): 82

Operating weight (kg): 9,280

Maximum excavation depth of telescopic arm (mm): 6100

Standard excavation depth of standard arm (mm): 4880


Power king

The Case 590SN excavator loader is equipped with an electronically controlled high pressure common rail engine and an airborne cold turbocharged system on a high pressure common rail engine to increase output power while improving fuel economy.


The Case 590SN comes standard with a damper fan that not only saves fuel consumption, avoids unnecessary waste, but also minimizes engine operating noise.

The Case 590SN Power Lift TM function is activated by a control button, and the Gary lift transmits hydraulic power directly to the excavating arm, which makes the Case machine's lifting capacity more than 39% compared to other competitors. And keep the engine at a low speed.


Manipulating the king

The Cases excavator loader's exclusive PCSTM precision hydraulic control system was reinvented, combining powerful hydraulic power with precise control.

The Case 590SN backhoe loader reinforces the connecting section and the thicker connecting pin to ensure a longer life in the best performance.


Performance king

The new design excavation end of the Case 590SN excavator loader not only deepens the depth of the excavation, but also has a larger working range, higher work efficiency, and greatly enhanced digging force.


The Case 590SN excavator is uniquely designed for mid-point design, providing better driving stability on both roads and rugged terrain, with improved lift and outstanding gradeability under all conditions.


The wing-type leg design of the Case 590SN is controlled separately, which brings superior stability under complex conditions and the performance of the excavation end is unique in the industry.

Application king

The Case 590SN can be configured from hydraulic breakers, cold milling machines to sweepers to slurry pumps and more than 30 multi-functional accessories to meet the construction requirements of gardens, highways, cities, sanitation, pipelines, buildings, culverts and more.

The Case 590SN backhoe loader cab has been added with several new configurations to make the operator more comfortable and thus more efficient. The 360-degree panoramic floor-to-ceiling windows provide the best view and the rear side windows can be opened for better ventilation. Luxurious suspension seats and ergonomic joysticks, dashboard layout; this cab is also the quietest cab in the industry, achieving a 72-dB mute effect, allowing the operator to focus on his work and increase efficiency.


(This article is from Case)

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