The 712th Institute provides an all-electric propulsion system for the "Zhiyin" cruise ship

In another month, the first domestic performing theme cruise ship, "Zhi Yin" will start the audition.
The 712th Institute provides an all-electric propulsion system for the "Zhiyin" cruise ship
The "Knocking Number", which can accommodate 1008 people at the same time, is the first theater in China to move and drift. After the visitors boarded, they will truly realize the Wuhan style of a hundred years ago, and they will play a "crossing" drama.
With a total length of 120 meters and a retro look, this cruise ship uses the latest all-electric propulsion system to achieve the highest international standards.
The research and development unit of this system is the 712th Research Institute of CSIC.
Ship electric propulsion systems have been used in submarines and special-purpose warships in the past. It can now also be used on civil and marine engineering vessels. "The earliest is the introduction of Soviet technology, decades of persistence, and gradually developed the core equipment of electric power propulsion with independent intellectual property rights." Hong Min said the director of the electric propulsion business unit of 712.
CSIC Research Institute is the professional research institute for China's ship electric propulsion system and its supporting equipment. All of China's naval airship propulsion systems are provided by 712.
Compared with well-known companies such as Siemens and General Electric in foreign countries, China started the electric propulsion system on civilian ships lately. Until the early 21st century, it was still unable to break the foreign monopoly.
In 2004, 712 participated in the construction of the “Northern Highway No. 991” marine survey vessel. In 2008, the institute provided an electric propulsion system for the first new energy cruise ship on the Huangpu River, “Shangsheng Shenghao”, and began to break through the barriers of foreign companies.
Since then, 712 successfully delivered the first low-voltage 1000 kW electric propulsion system and core equipment with independent intellectual property rights, the first medium-voltage 3000 kW electric propulsion system and core equipment, and realized the standardization of the core equipment of the electric propulsion system. Serialization. In 2014, the institute completed the development of a medium-voltage 10 megawatt high-power marine electric propulsion system and key equipment, and became the leader of the “heart” of the civilian ship.
In May 2015, a large domestic oil drilling company was interested in purchasing four oilfield production and service vessels, and the electric propulsion system will be adopted on board. In addition to the 712, there are also big names in the industry such as Siemens and General Electric.
Although the domestic electric propulsion system has a price advantage, the customer is more inclined to choose imported products for the sake of stability.
How to dispel customer concerns? Seventy-two found that although foreign products claim to be able to run continuously for 1000 hours without failure, the data is obtained by computer simulation, and no real machine can report it.
The blank of others is a breakthrough. The 712 immediately organized a 1000-hour continuous operation of the actual machine. After more than one month, the third-party certification report was placed in front of the customer, and the 1000-hour continuous operation proved the domestic strength and finally successfully won the order.
Since then, the Seventy-two has successively provided a variety of electric propulsion systems for engineering crane vessels, ocean fishing vessels, bulk carriers, dredgers, etc., from low to medium pressure, from tens of kilowatts to 10 megawatts. Standardized, serialized production and volume supply capabilities. Today, hundreds of ships around the world use the electric propulsion system of the 712.
In recent years, the global shipping market has been sluggish, and the shipbuilding industry and related industries have followed the “tight days”.
In this case, the ship's electric propulsion system seems to be untimely. "In fact, on the contrary, the tighter the shipowner is, the more efficient the ship with lower overall cost is required." Zhou Linghui, deputy director of the Electricity Promotion Division of 712, said.
In 2015, 712 provided an electric propulsion system for a 1,500-ton purse seiner of a fishing company in Shandong. At the request of the customer, this system uses a double-winding motor, and the entire ship can still operate with half of the power lost. What surprised the shipowner is that the ship's fuel consumption is 25% to 30% lower than that of a purely diesel-powered ship.
It saves less natural emissions of fuel, and if it uses LNG units or solar energy, the emissions from the electric propulsion system will be lower. Especially in the inland rivers such as the Yangtze River, with the improvement of environmental protection requirements, "electric push boat" is already a trend.
Zhou Linghui told reporters that the environmental benefits of electric pushers are not only reflected in the reduction of pollutant emissions, but also the vibration and noise are smaller, and the ride is more comfortable. Like the "Zi Yin" cruise ship, there is also a theater on board, and the electric propulsion system will undoubtedly provide the best viewing experience.

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