Sudden failure of brakes can save lives at critical times

When it comes to traffic safety, the brake safety that comes to mind at the first time. In the southwestern region, there has been an ancient saying that it is difficult for hard roads to be on the blue sky. For the long-term truck drivers who run logistics in the southwest, braking safety should be one of the topics that should not be overlooked.

刹车突然失灵 避险车道关键时刻能救命

Brake failure! Absolutely regarded as a terrible topic, especially in the high-speed downhill section brake failure, the consequences can hardly imagine. Then, how do you handle the best after the brake failure?

● Safe driving lanes can save lives at critical moments

In the downhill phase, the brake failure is undoubtedly a nightmare for large trucks. Just like the brake event witnessed by a card friend in the video, fortunately the driver finally managed to save his life through the safe-haven lane.

刹车突然失灵 避险车道关键时刻能救命

So, can the brake malfunction be used to reduce the speed by downshifting to force the vehicle to stop? This may be possible at low speeds, but the risk factor for doing so is very high. First, the timing of grabbing a stall is very important, and if the speed is faster, it may not be able to fall back to speed. Secondly, grabbing a file for a tractor is very likely to cause a “push-to-head” phenomenon on the back of the trailer. The vehicle is prone to runaway risk.

刹车突然失灵 避险车道关键时刻能救命

A safe-haven lane should be one of the best ways to solve the problem of brake failure. A qualified safe-rising lane should be at least 100 meters in length. The roadway is covered with a thick layer of rubble that can increase the friction between the tire and the ground. Buffered tires are stacked at the entrance and at the end to minimize the risk of brake failure.

● Brake failure is important for early lessons

刹车突然失灵 避险车道关键时刻能救命

刹车突然失灵 避险车道关键时刻能救命

Non-standard safe-rising lanes - mostly in mountainous areas

For most drivers, they should take the initiative to pay attention to the conditions of the route and all kinds of emergency measures when planning the route. In some long downhill slopes, there are almost all obvious warning signs. The basic elements of driving safety should be avoided when driving downhill and downhill.

刹车突然失灵 避险车道关键时刻能救命

The auxiliary brake device is also the main means to enhance the safety of the brake. The auxiliary brake mainly includes retarder device hydraulic retarder and engine brake. At present, many high-end heavy trucks in China have begun to enter the assembly and adjustment phase of the hydraulic retarder.

刹车突然失灵 避险车道关键时刻能救命

Moreover, even if the original vehicle did not have a hydraulic device, it would not be too difficult to add a retarder to the vehicle in the later stages, but the price itself would need to be weighed. Taking into account the price factor, most of the cardinal friends in the southwest region still choose to use the sprinklers and engine brakes to ensure the safety of the brakes.

刹车突然失灵 避险车道关键时刻能救命

Despite the low cost of the water shower, the weight and the added water have always been the pain points of the shower. It is believed that with the continuous development of various technologies, the historical product of the shower device will eventually be replaced by a hydraulic retarder.

● Postscript:

If you find a brake failure while driving, the driver must first stay calm, do not panic, according to site conditions to choose the best treatment to reduce the risk factor. On the downhill section, I think every old driver understands the reason why the old man is downhill and downhill. I must remember not to take risks because of aging. The ramp should be slowly put down.

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