Red, yellow, and green LD trolley wire functions and parameters

The LED-3 slip line indicator is a signal indicator for real-time monitoring of the three-phase power supply of lifting equipment such as overhead cranes and gantry cranes to prevent the adverse consequences caused by the lack of power supply to the equipment. This product is made of LED ultra-high light emitting diodes. It is divided into three colors (red, yellow, and green) to indicate the three phases of the power supply. The visible distance is about 100 meters and the lifetime is more than 100,000 hours. It is superior to other similar products. The shell adopts electroplated cold-rolled plate and electrostatic spray process, which is beautiful and exquisite, and has excellent outdoor anti-corrosion performance. The luminous body adopts high-pressure sealing technology, which has reliable waterproof performance. It can be used in open-air applications with low power and power consumption. The lamp body can be installed side-by-side with the slide wire, or it can be installed on both sides of the wall. The angle can be arbitrarily adjusted. The maximum viewing angle is 300 degrees. The crane driver and the ground staff can be seen at any angle. Protection class is IP56.

Red, yellow, green trolley line indicator Technical parameters Operating voltage: AC380V, 220V, 3000V

Frequency: 50Hz-60Hz

Working mode: continuous wiring mode: Y power: 5W-25W

Inlet hole diameter: Φ10

Protection class: IP56

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