Method and example for selecting filter and its auxiliary equipment

Most metal ore dressing plant filter is commonly used vacuum filter, it is divided into an outer cylindrical filter type filter, the filter type cylindrical filter and a filter disc three.
In addition, there are magnetic filters, folding belt filters and pressure catchers. What kind of filter is used as well? It should be determined mainly by factors such as the nature of the filter material (such as particle size characteristics, density, etc.), the amount of concentrate, the nature of the slurry, and the requirements for product moisture.
The internal filter is mainly used to filter concentrates containing both coarse and fine particles, especially for coarse aggregates with faster sedimentation rate. When filtering, coarse particles can be preferentially accumulated in the lowermost layer of the filter cake. The surface of the filter cloth is formed into a coarse "bed", which reduces the clogging of the filter cloth and increases the passage speed of the filtrate, thereby improving the productivity of the filter. Since the magnetic iron ore concentrate "magnetic reunion" phenomenon is more prevalent, the filter type filter for filtering iron ore concentrate to obtain relatively common application, magnetic vacuum filter for processing the magnetite concentrate, higher filtration efficiency The filter cake has a low moisture content. When filtering concentrates that are not pre-concentrated, an internal filter vacuum filter is also used, but must be considered for backup. The disadvantage of the internal filter is that the operation is inconvenient. Filter cloth replacement is also more troublesome. The external filter vacuum filter is more suitable for processing fine-grain concentrates, and it is suitable for application when the product moisture content is low. The disc filter is also suitable for filtering fine-grained materials and materials containing more shale, but the moisture content of the filter cake is slightly higher than that of the external filter. The other is the belt filter and the filter press. For fine aggregates with more muddy and higher viscosity, the filtration efficiency is higher than that of other types of filters, and the water content of concentrate products is also lower.
In addition, what should be paid attention to is the centrifugal filter, which is an efficient dewatering equipment , which is focused on research at home and abroad.
The calculation of the filter is to determine the necessary filter area, and then determine the number of filters and their corresponding auxiliary equipment - vacuum pumps, blowers, etc. based on this area. There are many calculation methods. Only the calculation method of production capacity per unit area is introduced here. The examples are as follows:
The amount of copper sulfide copper concentrates embodiment of a mineral processing plant to be filtered 500 tons / day, the number of required number of filter units is calculated and its corresponding vacuum blower.

The total area of ​​the necessary filter is F = ——, m 2

Where F - the total area of ​​the filter required, m 2 ;
Q——The amount of concentrate that needs to be caught, t/d;
q——The production capacity per unit area of ​​the machine, t/m 2 · hour. Generally refer to the production index of similar factories and mines. For the example, refer to the productivity of similar copper sulfide ore processing plants, and select 0.18 tons/ m2 · hour.

Q 500
So F = —— = —————— = 115.7 (m 2 )
q 0.18×24

The 40 m 2 external filter cylinder filter is used, and its filtration area is f=40 m 2 , then the number of filters required is:

F 115.7
n = —— = ——— = 3 (set)
f 40

Corresponding vacuum pumps and blowers, the vacuum pump and blower productivity are generally indicated in the filter specifications. If calculations are required, they can be selected using the numbers in the table below. [next]

Vacuum mercury , blower selection index
Filter type
Vacuum pump
Vacuum degree
Air intake
Wind pressure
Air volume
m 3 / m 2 · points
m 3 / m 2 · points
Disc filter
Cylinder filter
(6.666~7.999)×10 4
(6.666~7.999)×10 4
(0.98~1.96)×10 4
(1.96~2.94)×10 4

When selecting the numbers in the above table, if the filtered material is viscous, fine-grained, or iron concentrate, it should take a large value. In this example, when the air volume of the vacuum pump is 0.6 m 3 /m 2 ·min, that is, 36 m 3 /m 2 ·, the air volume of the blower is 0.30 m 3 /m 2 ·min, that is, 18 m 3 /m 2 ·h.
Therefore, the productivity of this vacuum pump is calculated as:

Q1 = 40 × 3 × 36 = 4320 (m 3 / hour)

Most beneficiation plant using water ring vacuum pump, is selected model SZ-4 type water ring vacuum pump, a vacuum degree of 6.066 × 10 4 Pa, the production rate was 660 m 3 / hr, the number of vacuum pump is required to be:

n 1 = 4320÷660 = 6.5≈7 (set)

The required air volume of the blower is:

Q 2 = 40 × 3 × 18 = 2160 m 3 / h

In the filtration system, a leaf or Roots blower is generally used for centralized supply of blast discharge and filter cloth cleaning. Select Ye's blower 7 # , the air volume is 3600 m 3 / hour.

So the number of blowers needed n 2 = ———≈1 (set)

Finally, whether the model, specification and quantity of the selected equipment are reasonable must be compared by technical economy.
It is worth noting that the use of water jet pumps is currently being promoted, which can replace water ring vacuum pumps. Because the water jet pump has low energy consumption (about 40% energy consumption reduction), convenient maintenance, and good working performance.

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