Metallic non-metallic mine safety management system (4)

In this chapter we will continue to explain the contents of the security inspection system.

4. Safety inspection system

Safety inspection is a measure and means to reveal and eliminate hidden dangers and exchange experiences: it is to identify and find unsafe factors, take timely protective measures, prevent accidents and occupational hazards, etc. Summary: Safety production management implements “safety first, prevention” The principle of “mainly and comprehensively managing” promotes the effective protection of healthy, sustainable and stable development of enterprises. In order to avoid the image and one-sided image in the enterprise safety inspection activities, strengthen the intensity of safety inspections, and play its due role, the special system inspection system.

First, the organization of the inspection: regular inspection (class inspection, daily inspection), regular inspection (monthly inspection and professional special inspection, if necessary, can also increase the number of inspections), during the flood season, should strengthen the duty, geological safety inspection And timely and comprehensive records of monitoring; daily inspections and observations, when unsafe factors are found, emergency measures should be taken immediately and reported to the higher authorities in a timely manner; the insecure factors are eliminated in the bud.

Second, the content of the inspection: the unsafe state of the surrounding environment and the unsafe behavior of people to prevent the occurrence of other events.

Third, the purpose of the inspection: learn from each other, exchange experiences, understand the situation, find problems, prevent accidents, and promote safe production.

Fourth, the implementation of the inspection: on-site inspection, and inspection and summary, hidden dangers rectification, strictly in accordance with the content implementation, adopt flexible and diverse inspection methods, combine the experience of summarizing and learning and learning lessons.

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Applied in textile, electronics, refractory materials, solid state batteries, food, synthetic resin, metal surface treatment, inorganic building coatings, agricultural fertilizer and other fields.

1, accurate casting: adhesion, high temperature resistance (shell)
2, polishing: dispersion, filling the formation of anti fouling effect (mobile phone screen, metal, ceramic, sapphire, glass, etc.)
3, papermaking: its dispersity and cohesiveness can be used for kraft paper skid, photographic paper film polishing, pulp toughness strengthening, etc
4, paint: water resistance, high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, become high temperature refractory coating film and part of the filler of exterior wall coating (cheap, and agricultural production system of mixed use effect is very significant, Silica Sol dosage can not exceed 10%)

Silica sol has excellent high temperature stability, cohesiveness, film formation, gel, adsorption, charge, activity, large specific surface area and harmless, tasteless, odorless and other properties, so it is widely used in electronics, catalysts, refractory materials, coatings, inks, textiles, food and many other industries.

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