Liangshan semi-trailer vacuum tire advantages and how to use vacuum tires

The current journey of Liang Qianli begins with a single step. Trailer tires are like the shoes we wear. Choosing the right tire is like putting on a comfortable shoe. Tire affects the comfort, safety and fuel consumption of the trailer, and its importance is self-evident. The choice of tyres should be based on the vehicle’s load (different carcass strength), wheel position (pattern, width of the driving surface), road conditions (patterns, different tread rubber formulas), high speed or short distance, etc., among which the most important It is necessary to combine the use of the vehicle environment, that is, to grasp the "what road to use what tire" principle. The vacuum tyres that have emerged in recent years have won the favor of drivers because of their outstanding performance and stability.
Definition of vacuum tyres People usually refer to tubeless tyres (TUBELESS) as “vacuum tyres”. As their name implies, tyres without inner tubes are used. A rubber sealing layer of about 2 to 3 mm thick is attached to the inner wall of the tire, and a self-adhesive layer (as shown in the figure) made of a special mixture of unvulcanized rubber is attached to the underside of the sealing layer. The airtight layer between the inner wall of the tire and the bead ensures good airtightness between the tire and the rim, thereby replacing the function of the traditional inner tube. The outer tube also functions as an inner tube. After the tire is inflated, the toe and the rim are tightly combined, effectively avoiding discouraged.
Currently on the market, vacuum tyres are composed of Michelin, Bridgestone and other foreign brands and Zhengxin, Jiatong, Chaoyang and other domestic brands. The tires of foreign brands are more wearable and have a longer life, but they are also more expensive. Domestic brands also accounted for half of the price advantage.
When an ordinary steel wire tire is replaced with a vacuum tire, because the structure of the rim part is different, it is also necessary to replace the matching wheel hub. An ordinary vacuum tire with special wheels, probably between 2800 yuan -3600 yuan, if the entire vehicle is replaced with the cost is still quite high. However, if it is used normally, self-weight can reduce fuel consumption, and it can also save a lot of money. The lifespan of vacuum tires is longer, and the overall use of vacuum tires is more cost-effective.
Semi-trailer trucks are generally long-distance running at high speeds. The use of vacuum tires can improve safety and save a lot of costs. The dump trucks are not always in good driving conditions, so dump trucks are not suitable for vacuum tyres. In the mountain trailer market, vacuum tires are slowly gaining popularity. There are many drivers of Liangshan Trailer who choose vacuum tyres. What is a vacuum tyre? We mentioned in the article “Selection of vacuum tyres for trailers” in the previous article. It will not be repeated here. Today, the Liangshan Trailer chooses a vacuum tyre. What are the advantages of vacuum tyres to be understood first? Advantages of vacuum tires: compared to traditional tires, vacuum tires have several advantages due to their structure: 1. Slow air leakage, safety, high vacuum tires are punctured and leaks slowly, and can still be opened to repair points for repair; After the ordinary tire inner tube is pierced by a foreign body, it quickly fills the space between the inner tube and the outer tube, and then abortion will occur immediately and a puncture may occur. 2. Heat dissipation is good, long life The vacuum tire has no inner tube and cushion, which effectively reduces the friction between the inner tube of the tire and the inner cavity of the tire. The inner air is in direct contact with the rim, and the heat can also be directly distributed through the rim. Tire temperature appears Shandong Hongsheng Vehicle Industry Manufacturing Co., Ltd. to provide you with professional car prices, semi-trailer pictures. Hongsheng Specialist sells all over the country, with professional direct sales centers, sales departments and online sales centers in major provinces and cities. The sales personnel cover all major provinces and cities in the country and provide door-to-door service for customers. The main production and sales of various semi-trailers, trailers, over-high phenomenon, can reduce the puncture, extend the life of the tire; 3. Reduce weight, reduce fuel consumption due to the reduction of the inner tube and cushion, the weight of the tires to reduce, and, rims The spare parts also reduce the lock ring, the weight is further reduced, and the entire set of tires can be replaced by vacuum tires that can be several hundred pounds lighter. The resistance to vacuum tires is small and can save 3% of fuel. The reduction in driving weight and fuel consumption are extra profits for trailer drivers. 4. Wear-resistant, suitable for long-distance high-speed driving In addition, the vacuum tire is more wear-resistant, and has better dynamic balance performance, driving comfort can also be improved, it is more suitable for long-distance high-speed long-distance running.

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