Lanzhou Petrochemical's "Delayed Coking Tower Valve" Fills Domestic Blank

Lanzhou Petrochemical Machinery Factory successfully developed a delayed coking drum bottom valve whose technical performance has reached the international advanced level and has completely independent intellectual property rights, thus ending the history that only developed countries can produce this equipment.

It is understood that delayed coking is a secondary oil processing technology. It uses hydrogen-poor heavy oil as a raw material and undergoes deep thermal cracking and condensation reactions at a high temperature of about 500°C to produce gasoline, diesel oil, and wax oil. Coke and other products. In the past, when the delayed coking unit of the refinery in China produced coke in the production process, it was necessary to manually dismantle the blind lids and feed pipes at the bottom of the coking tower weighing several tons. It took nearly two hours at one time and the operator was easily exposed to water. , Steam burns, there is a great security risk, a large number of cold coke water emissions are also not conducive to environmental protection. After the coking unit is equipped with a delayed coking drum bottom valve, the out-of-focus process can not only be automated, but the bottom opening time can be shortened from the original two hours to four minutes, and the safety and production efficiency are greatly improved.

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