Jiatong Tire Becomes CNPC Annual Tire Supplier Again

After more than a month of competition, PetroChina's 2012 tire supplier concluded its tendering day. This unprecedented tender attracted 19 tire manufacturers to participate in the bidding. Finally, Jiatong Tire won the bid again and became one of the suppliers of CNPC Tire Products in 2012.

Due to the large amount of purchases, diversification of models, and high requirements for tire quality, CNPC annual tire supplier bidding is a focus of attention in the tire industry. This year, PetroChina also announced the release of six standard tires for all-steel radial truck tires (tubeless), all-steel radial truck tires (with inner tubes), and bias truck tires, attracting 19 tire manufacturers including Jiatong tires. Participate in the competition, the competition is unprecedentedly fierce.

Quality first, successful cooperation experience, better impression

This year, PetroChina upgraded the rating of bid evaluation, adjusted the bid evaluation team, the bid evaluation process, and the winning bid conditions, and imposed more stringent requirements on tire manufacturers, which greatly increased the difficulty of bid winning.

Due to the special reason of oil transportation, product quality has been considered as a top priority. "Before there was a successful cooperation experience, the quality of the brand has been verified by PetroChina will get a better impression points." An insider revealed. Again, Jiatong Tire won the bid all the way, confirming this view. It is understood that in the bid for CNPC's 2011 annual tire supplier, Jiatong Tire has won the bid all the way. Through one year's cooperation, the quality of Jiatong Tire has been widely recognized by CNPC.

Rich product line, excellent value for money across the board in order bid

This year, PetroChina issued a total of 6 bids. The models used to purchase tires are very diverse. They range from small cars, light trucks and light passengers to large passenger cars, passenger cars, construction machinery and industrial vehicles. They all have different requirements for tire performance. "A wealth of product lines, excellent cost performance is the essential element of chasing the full line of winning." A tire manufacturer participating in the bidding told reporters.

As one of the most complete manufacturers of domestic product lines, Giti Tire has gained an advantage in bidding. “In addition to the abundant products and superior quality, we have an advantage in terms of cost performance compared with competing products. This is also the biggest bonus item for this bid.” The director of the bidding project of Giti Tire admits that the product line is Cost-effectiveness is an important factor in the successful bid of Jiatong.

Experts in the industry believe that the selection of CNPC’s oil giants is the best proof of the tire brands and products. The brands that can win the bid have proved their strength in providing professional tire solutions for domestic and foreign users.

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