Jiangsu CNOOC Beijing Signs Strategic Cooperation Framework Agreement

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The Jiangsu Provincial Government and China National Offshore Oil Corporation signed a strategic cooperation framework agreement in Beijing, covering aspects such as liquefied natural gas, petrochemical bases and sales networks, new energy and renewable energy. Jiangsu and CNOOC have a good cooperative relationship. In particular, through the joint efforts of both parties in recent years, a number of cooperation projects have progressed well. CNOOC (Taizhou) Company has processed nearly 20 million tons of crude oil by the end of 2011, with profits and taxes exceeding 100. Billion yuan has entered the top 500 taxpayers nationwide; the CNOOC Bilu (Nantong) bioenergy protein feed and the China National Offshore Oil & Gas Group transportation new energy project have been accelerating, demonstrating the great potential and broad space for cooperation between the two sides.

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