In 2012, the sales volume of Dazhong passengers passed the first camp of passenger buses

In 2012, Zhongtong Bus sold a total of more than 12,000 large and medium-sized passenger vehicles, an increase of more than 10% year-on-year. Among them, December sales exceeded 500 million yuan. At the same time, Zhongtong Bus's market share in the emerging market segments - gas buses, new energy buses and school buses - exceeds 10%, showing a good momentum of development.

However, for Zhongtong, the significance of 2012 is far more than these figures. Zhongtong’s sales of large and medium-sized buses have already ranked among the top four in the passenger car industry. This means that the pattern of “one pass and three dragons” in the bus industry has been broken for many years, and Zhongtong has already entered the first camp of the passenger car.

In 2012, why can China Communications achieve such results? To this end, Fang Dewang’s reporter interviewed Li Haiping, Chairman of the Zhongtong Bus on January 9, 2013 to solve the puzzle.

Targeting the future market

"The change in sales volume in 2012 is not an explosive growth in the short term." In Li Haiping's view, the growth of Zhongtong's sales in 2012 was mainly due to the "peasant-style" wisdom of "early sowing."

“Actually, the peasants are the most wise. The peasants know when they should plant seeds and know when to harvest them.” The 2012 harvest of Zhongtong Bus is due to this kind of “timely sowing” wisdom. .

“The significant increase in sales of Zhongtong in 2012 mainly comes from the three market segments: gas buses, new energy buses and school buses. Zhongtong began to pay attention to these three markets five to six years ago and developed related products.” Li Haiping It has been repeatedly emphasized that the growth in sales in these three markets is by no means a result of the present, but the result of sowing many years ago.

Today, these three markets have also become a hot spot for the entire bus industry. Li Haiping called the Zhongtong Group the "123" status of the three products currently in the industry.

“Our gas buses sold more than 3,000 vehicles in 2012, which is the first in the industry.” – “1” in “123”. Li Haiping also revealed to reporters that the first LNG passenger car in China was born in Zhongtong in around 2004.

"2" refers to Zhongtong Bus's new energy products. In 2012, it sold 600 vehicles, which is expected to rank second in the industry. “New energy buses are also our research and development since 2004. Through the continuous improvement of the demonstration vehicles, our products have gained high market recognition.” Not long ago, Zhongtong Hybrid Bus successfully acquired new energy vehicles. The support funds for the project for innovative projects (only three hybrid buses in the country have obtained this funding) have made Li Haiping more gratified.

For the school bus market that was suddenly launched in 2012, Zhongtong Bus had not missed it. The annual sales of 2,800 units ranked third in the industry, that is, “3” in “123”. Li Haiping told reporters, "Five years ago, when many people didn't have a concept for school buses with long noses, we already had such products. In addition, similar to the 5 or 6-meter long small school buses, we had already prepared for them. And many companies started doing it in 2012."

It is precisely this kind of “timely sowing” wisdom that Zhongtong Bus has played a beautiful battle in 2012.

Constant adjustment

The rapid growth of Zhongtong Bus in 2012 not only benefited from its deep plowing of the future market, but also stemmed from the constant adjustment of China Tong's management ideas in recent years.

In 2011, Zhongtong Bus proposed the goal of “second entrepreneurial”. In Li Haiping’s view, this goal requires not only improving production capacity and sales volume, but also changing management thinking. "Extensive management model has been unable to adapt to the more sustainable long-term development of the company."

Li Haiping said that in the future, the company will no longer use production and sales as an assessment criterion. “We cannot rely solely on quantitative growth, but also on the amount of profit.” In other words, Zhongtong Bus will pay more attention to the adjustment of product structure in the future and increase the proportion of high-end products. He gave an example to reporters: "For example, the sales of 1,000 cars are now 300 million yuan. After that, we hope to achieve a sales volume of 500 cars to 500 million yuan."

In 2012, this "quality change" effect has begun to appear. Zhongtong Bus not only obtained orders for road passenger cars in many regions in the south, but also received approval from many tourism companies. At the same time, in December 2012, Zhongtong had monthly sales of over 500 million yuan. “In the past, we did not dare to think about it.” Li Haiping told reporters that this 500 million yuan of sales is not from large orders, but consists of many small orders. At the same time, this is also the result of the restructuring of Zhongtong's products.

During the interview on the same day, the reporter visited the workshop of the Zhongtong Bus and saw that there are many tour buses that are being installed. They are beautiful and stylish. "We have continuously improved the quality of our products in recent years. Not only do we have better quality, we must do our best in every aspect. For example, to improve the precision of welding, we have specially cooperated with HIT to introduce its professional doctoral students in welding." Li Haiping said.

Another important adjustment is the “rich-manpower enterprise” proposed by the Zhongtong Bus two years ago. Li Haiping believes that employees are the first capital of the company and the source of the strength of the company's development. “Employees are prosperous, and companies will gradually become stronger.” For this reason, one of the main goals of Zhongtong Bus in 2012 is “an average increase in employee income of 40%”.

However, what Li Haiping called “wealthy staff” does not simply refer to the employee’s material prosperity, but also through the penetration of corporate culture, so that the employees’ spiritual level achieves the same prosperity. “For example, we have to hold flag-raising ceremonies every week; we must do morning exercises every morning; promote the role of learning; and promote happy work. Zhongtong also runs joint schools with many colleges and universities, and establishes Zhongtong University, Zhongtong University, etc. These are To make employees have a healthier life and work attitude.”

In the past two years, through the infiltration of “rich employees and strong enterprises” culture, the turnover rate of Zhongtong buses has been greatly reduced, and team cohesion has been improved. “We never had to worry about working hours. Even after employees left the company, they asked to come back after a few months or six months.” Li Haiping said with a smile.

10 Year Sales Break Through 10 Billion International Strategy to Boost

In Li Haiping's ideal, Zhongtong Bus will not only be satisfied with entering the first echelon of domestic passenger cars, but also be a world-class passenger car company. This is destined to China Communications will embark on the road to internationalization.

"The company put forward the road of internationalization in 2004." Li Haiping said that internationalization is a long-term strategy of the company. Its core lies in providing products and services to the world by integrating global resources. “In the future, Zhongtong Bus must become a world-class passenger car company, and it must achieve internationalization of markets, internationalization of standards, internationalization of resource allocation, and international competitiveness.”

After eight years of development, the internationalization strategy of Zhongtong Bus has become clearer and clearer. "In 2012, we made an overall change in our internationalization strategy." Li Haiping said that the main purpose of the reform is to increase the efficiency of resource allocation. “We have studied overseas markets in different regions and decided to abandon some regional markets with too few orders, and instead focus on conquering large-scale and potential markets.” At present, Zhongtong Bus has established SKD in countries such as Iran and Ethiopia. , CKD production line to increase export capacity.

At the same time, the internationalization strategy has also made the vision of Zhongtong Bus more and more wide, making it pay more attention to the role of brand strategy and the improvement of product quality. In 2012, Zhongtong Bus jumped into the 336th place in the “Asian Top 500 Brands” and won the “China Brand Growth Champion” award, which further strengthened its brand strategy towards internationalization.

In terms of quality, in the competition with foreign products, Zhongtong has noticed the high quality of its competitors, and at the same time, it has used international perspectives to examine domestic products. Li Hai said flatly, "It is precisely because of the international mainstream products that the product quality of Zhongtong Bus has been continuously improved in recent years."

Thanks to a firm international approach, Zhongtong Bus has been greatly improved in terms of brand awareness, market acceptance, and product quality in recent years. And naturally there is also a 2012 increase in sales.

More than 12,000 cars in 2012 have become a thing of the past. Right now, 2013 is more important for Zhongtong. According to Li Haiping, at the end of 2013, the new plant in China Tongtong will be fully completed. At present, the two workshops for welding and painting in the new plant have been basically completed; in 2014, the new plant will be put into operation, reaching a capacity of 2,000 units in a single month; by 2022 In years, exceeded 10 billion in sales.

To achieve this series of goals, not only does Zhongtong Bus jump to the first echelon of the bus industry, but Zhongtong must also be required to be firmly in this position and continue to deepen its internationalization.

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