How to extend the service life of NiMH batteries?

1. Select a rechargeable battery of good quality.
2. Choose a qualified battery charger. If you have a fast charging function, you should have a good anti-overcharge kinetic energy. The rechargeable battery should use slow charging as much as possible.
3. Reduce the number of times the battery is charged. Each charge should be full and the power should be used up.
4. The capacity of the rechargeable battery should be the same, not mixed with old and new.
5. Prevent excessive discharge and high current discharge, and prevent short circuit and no electricity storage.

Mesh Banners :

Just as its name implies ,mesh banners have many holes in the surface ,so the wind can blow through them .They are often used for fence wraps and building cover . We have pvc viny mesh banner and fabric mesh banner .They are very light and very economic shipping cost . Most customers use them to make as fence wrap mesh banners.

mesh banner for barrier

Outdoor Mesh Banners last for long because they do not need to endure wind blow like the regular banners do. This quality makes this banner robust and durable and provides a fresh look for an extended period of time.

If we talk about its promotional significance, we cannot just ignore the magnificent appearance it offers to a piece of outdoor advertisement! It has a flatter as well as a cleaner look which makes the entire banner look different than the usual. Moreover, it is within your reach at a reasonable rate! While this is the simplest and cost effective way of advertising on retail business, this can also be a great alternative for backing up any promotional campaigns.

The finishing choice for the mesh banners :

finished of mesh banners

Mesh Banners

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