How long does it take for tire positioning to be done?

After the vehicle has been opened for a long time, does it feel that the car will be worn on the right or left side and the body will have unilateral wear on the rolling tires when driving straight? If so, your car may have to be positioned. Why does the above-mentioned phenomenon happen and what does it do?
In fact, it is mainly because the vehicles are often subjected to many bumpy roads, potholes, and water hole cover impacts, as well as wear of chassis parts. Under long-term vibration and shaking, the original factory setting will be suspended. The mechanical position of the tire changes, and this happens when the angle runs away.
If the vehicle's tire orientation is lost without re-orientation, the vehicle will not only cause tire wear due to left and right drifting, but will also cause drag due to the different angles of the tires. Increase the risk of driving at high speeds, increase driving fatigue and damage to chassis parts. So when do you need to do the positioning of the tires, how often do you need to do it once?
Here we can only give you a suggestion that you should do at least once every year to do a tire orientation or 10,000 kilometers to do a positioning. If you use a car for a long time, such as taxis, trucks and the like to do a positioning in the best half or three months. In fact, seriously speaking, everyone's driving habits, time and mileage are different, the road environment will not be the same walking, so if there is the following situation, it means that you want to help the car to be a positioning.
How long does tire positioning need to be done?
1. The steering wheel is not straight when the vehicle is driving on a straight road
2. The vehicle will slide to the left or right when driving straight on a straight road
3. The tire wear is abnormal, there is a serious fetal
4. The body will beat unstable
5. The steering wheel will shake right and left
6. There is a floating situation when driving
7. The vehicle had a collision
8. When replacing chassis parts such as suspensions, steering systems, tripods, or connecting rods

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