Hot work safety management system

1 General

1.1 Purpose

In order to standardize the fire safety management of ********* Group Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the group company), implement the fire safety measures and prevent accidents, this system is specially formulated.

1.2 Scope This system is applicable to the fire safety management of all units of the group company.

2 hot fire management

2.1 The division of the fire-fighting zone shall be registered, approved and demarcated by the safety management department of each unit, and the “fixed fire zone” shall be designated, and the fire-fighting zone, the fixed fire zone and the drawings shall be reported to the Group’s Safety Supervision Department and the Ministry of Fire Protection for the record. Outside the fixed fire zone, it is always a fire zone. In the fire zone, you must go through the "firework permit".

2.2 The handling of the "fire work permit", in addition to the production process using fire, other operations that can produce flames, sparks and hot surfaces are hot work, must go through the hot fire procedures, prohibiting unlicensed fire, fire workers You must carry a valid fire certificate before you can carry out hot work.

2.3 When applying for a fire unit, the safety measures should be formulated and implemented according to the unfavorable phenomena that may occur during the hot fire. The fire guardian can be arranged to apply for a fire.

2.4 Special Hazardous Fire Work The "Fire Work Permit" shall be signed by the supervisor in charge of the workshop (segment, etc.) where the fire location is located. After the safety management department of the unit where the fire is located, the safety management department shall re-examine and sign the report, and report to the person in charge of the unit where the fire is located. Or the chief engineer approved in the final review.

2.5 The “hot work permit” for the first-level hot work is signed by the supervisor of the workshop (segment, etc.) where the fire location is located, and then reported to the safety management department of the unit where the fire is located for final approval.

2.6 The “hot work permit” for the second-level hot work shall be approved by the supervisor of the workshop (segment, etc.) where the hot fire is located.

2.7 If the fire certificate is reviewed and approved, it must be reviewed on site to confirm that it is safe and reliable before the document can be issued.

2.8 The hot work must be carried out in the effective time and area approved by the Fire Work Permit. Anyone who postpones or supplements the hot fire must re-apply the Fire Work Permit.

2.9 After the hot fire arrives at the location of the fire, it is first necessary to check whether the various safety measures in the fire certificate are implemented. If one does not implement it, it has the right to refuse the fire.

2.10 The "Fire Work Permit" shall be carried by the fire-fighting person and shall not be transferred, and shall not be altered or transferred to a fire place.

2.11 Before the fire, the person in charge of the fire should consider the whole situation and contact the relevant departments. If there are any neighboring departments that threaten the safety of the fire and others, the fire-fighters should notify the relevant departments to take safety measures. 2.12 The person in charge of the fire before the fire shall formulate emergency measures for the fire and prepare the fire-fighting equipment.

2.13 The fire monitor shall not leave the fire control position during the fire. If there is a special situation, the person in charge of the fire must appoint an agent.

2.14 After the end of the fire, the person in charge of the hot fire shall complete the inspection and cleanup of the hot fire site and declare the end of the fire.

2.15 coal mine prohibited under hot work, special circumstances must be implemented by special hot work hot work management.

2.16 Special dangerous hot work, "Fire Work Permit" shall be applied by the workshop (section, team) where the fire location is located, and the supervisor of the workshop (section, team) shall sign the preliminary examination. After the re-examination and signature of the production management department of the unit where the fire is located, the chief engineer of the unit where the fire is located and the chief of the safety plant (mine) shall approve the implementation, and the safety management department of the unit where the unit is located shall supervise the implementation.

2.17 Before special dangerous hot work, the corresponding safety measures and emergency measures must be reported to the Group Dispatching Center, Chemical Equipment Department, Coal Equipment Department, Chemical Production Technology Department, Coal Production Technology Department and Safety Supervision Department for the record.

2.18 Special hazard fire work must be carried out in strict accordance with the reported safety measures and emergency measures.

2.19 Oxygen bottles and acetylene bottles should be cleaned in time (in the case of flammable and explosive devices, pipelines, storage tanks, containers or underground coal mines).

2.20 Each unit shall formulate its Supplementary Provisions on the Safety Management System for Hot Work in accordance with these Provisions.

2.21 If there is any violation of the above requirements, the penalties shall be imposed in accordance with the relevant provisions of the “Three Violations Punishment System”.

3 Supplementary

3.1 This system is explained by the safety supervision department of the group company

3.2 The system is implemented from the date of issuance

Remarks: The "Safety Work Safety Certificate" is made in two copies. The final approver and the motivator each hold a check; the special hazard "Safety Work Safety Certificate" is inspected by the competent safety fire department.

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