Guangzhou International Advertising Logo and LED Industry Exhibition closed successfully. ISLE invites you to:

At the beginning of March, the 2018 Guangzhou International Advertising Logo and LED Exhibition and Guangzhou International Large Screen Display Technology and Application Exhibition (hereinafter referred to as ISLE) ended on March 6th in the Canton Fair Pavilion B. With the four-day ISLE, the advertising logo and LED industry have already ushered in the spring of 2018.

Looking back at the wonderful exhibitions - the exhibition area will be upgraded

The exhibition area of ​​the ISLE exhibition covers an area of ​​120,000 square meters, with more than 1,800 well-known brands participating. By the end of the closing ceremony, the number of visitors has reached a total of 238,000. Let's take a look at the live show at the show through the video!

The number of visitors to the site has repeatedly set a new record, and exhibitors are even more powerful, and the show is lively!
More professional activities
During the exhibition, more than 20 forum events were brought to the attention of exhibitors and buyers on the spot, such as the Japanese LED screen industry lectures, experts on-site to open lectures, professors to open up new knowledge in the Japanese market; large-screen performance list "new technologies, new products, The New Trends Development Forum helps you understand the new trends in the New Year industry; the "LED Cinema" and "LED Stereo Cinema" presentations, industry experts take you to in-depth exploration of products, the live event climax, won the audience highly recognized.
Global buyers are coming

In 2018, the proportion of ISLE overseas buyers and professional buyers has reached a new level, from the United States, India, Germany, Italy, Russia, Australia, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Turkey, Poland, Mexico, Vietnam, Thailand, Bangladesh. , Malaysia, Japan, South Korea, Brazil and other overseas professional procurement groups, as well as domestic and provincial advertising associations, logo industry associations, LED industry associations and other dozens of professional-level buyers to come to the exhibition, the exhibition attracted a lot of people from all over the world Buyers from more than 100 countries and regions gather here.

Full order during the show

The opening of the first year of the year was very popular, bringing together the “high quality + high flow” buyers. The consultation boom in each exhibition area continued and the orders were full. As the exhibition came to a close, all exhibitors ushered in a "bumper harvest."

New technology and exhibits continue to “innovate” into a highlight of the exhibition

This exhibition will showcase LED display technology application, LED display integrated solution, LED lighting innovation technology, printing equipment, laser engraving equipment, bending equipment, advertising display equipment and logo, and advertising light box 8 professional exhibition areas, exhibitors are Bringing "watching magic", such as the 3D stereo large screen displayed by the Central Plains, COB HD display panel of Lehman Optoelectronics, MiniCOB of small spacing of Huaxia Guangcai, transparent ice screen of Yipin Optoelectronics, OLED flexible screen of LG Saipu Technology Shanghai Weihong's overall solution for the advertising industry. There are even some exhibits that are new to the show, and the products are not only innovative, but also creative and convenient.

The new cutting-edge new equipment and new technology solve the inconvenience caused by the traditional equipment and technology, save manpower, material resources and more environmentally friendly concepts, which reflect the innovation of this exhibition. During the visit, many buyers were lamenting the speed of technology update in China's advertising logo and LED industry, as well as the popularity of product intelligence. They expressed the hope that ISLE can promote Chinese products to the world and show the international competition of China's advertising logo and LED industry. force.
ISLE catches up with “high-speed development train” and leads the development of the industry. In the three years of ISLE's full-speed development, ISLE has quickly become a rising star in a number of exhibitions, whether it is from the exhibition hall service, exhibition experience or exhibitors many times. According to the feedback from the exhibitors, the 2018 ISLE once again lived up to expectations and won many awards from the Alliance. After a series of preparatory work in the early stage and the rapid promotion of overseas momentum, ISLE's international reputation has become louder and louder. It has been “certified” by many exhibitors and buyers as an industry event that they must attend every year.

ISLE has been praised by exhibitors and praised constantly~

As the leading platform for advertising logo and LED industry, ISLE will continue to lead the development of advertising logo and LED industry in 2019, integrating technology trends and latest application trends, bringing more high-quality industry resources to help enterprises achieve greater success. . On March 3-6, 2019, in the Zone B of the Canton Fair, ISLE will meet you again.

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