First launch of face recognition system at domestic airports

Yesterday, the information released by Shenzhen Airport showed that after nearly two months of trial operation, the security face recognition system was officially put into use in the Shenzhen Airport Domestic Security Inspection Area. Shenzhen Airport has become the first airport in the country to integrate a face recognition system into an airport security inspection information system to realize the integration of two systems. The first domestic airport security screenings No. 7 and No. 8 were embedded in the system. Nearly a month passed the system check and found 10 passengers taking fraudulent documents. This accounted for nearly 30 percent of the total number of passengers seized at the airport security checkpoint. It has shown strong professionalism and practicality in enhancing on-site inspection capabilities and effectively screening passengers for fraudulent use of documents. According to the person in charge of the airport security inspection station, the advanced part of the system is the realization of the integrated operation of the face recognition system and the airport security inspection information system, which is the first domestic airport. The face recognition system that was launched this time is a subsystem of the security inspection information system. By embedding the face recognition system into the existing airport security inspection information system, the security information system is upgraded. In an industry seminar, Wu Dayou, director of the Department of Anti-counterfeiting at the Third Institute, said that in the future, passenger traffic safety control equipment for face recognition is also expected to be used in transportation hubs such as airports in China. Passengers will be photographed with faces when they accept airport security. The photo is stored in a back-end system and becomes the basis for comparison of face recognition. When passengers pass through the boarding gate, they must first place the boarding pass on the equipment's scanning system. After confirmation, they will align their faces with the cameras on the equipment to accept face recognition. This measure can effectively prevent lawbreakers from swapping boarding passes and intentionally exchanging the boarding pass to board the other party's aircraft.

Z308 Cast Iron welding electrode


Z308 Cast Iron Welding Electrodes  is covered welding electrode with pure nickel core and graphitic coating for cast iron. The weld seam metal has excellent machinability and crack resistibility. Both AC and DC can be applied.


Z308 Cast Iron Welding Electrodes is used for repair welding thin pieces and processing surface of cast iron, as well as important gray cast iron pieces, such as engine gear box, machining tools, guideway, etc.



A. Welding electrodes must be baked for 1 hourat the temperature of 80-120℃ before welding.

B. Hammering the welded seam to dispel stress around the welding region and to avoid craking.

C. Large current should be avoided in cold welding for cast iron,, so as to reduce impurities of base metal to penetrate the weld seam and to reduce the width of the weld zone, and then to improve the abliity of carck-resistance and capability of machine processing of the weld seam.

Z308 Welding Electrodes

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