FAW Xichai was selected as an "innovative leader" to cultivate enterprises

Recently, Wuxi Municipal Committee and Wuxi Municipal Government held the “Construction of the Eastern Silicon Valley” signing ceremony and an innovative leading company (intellectual hundred enterprises) to cultivate the awarding ceremony for enterprises. Ten companies such as FAW Xichai were selected as the first “innovative leading enterprises” in the city. Cultivate the company.

It is understood that the innovative leading enterprises (intellectual hundred enterprises) cultivating plan aims to speed up the cultivation of high-end talent entrepreneurial-scale enterprises, accelerate the cultivation of high-level talent-aggregating leading enterprises, and accelerate the cultivation of talent-intensive high-tech enterprise echelons.

The Wuxi municipal government has set strict requirements for selection: high-tech enterprises, state- or provincial-level innovative companies, science and technology leading enterprises, and other science and technology enterprises as the main body of cultivation. The intensity of science and technology investment in similar enterprises is high, and R&D investment accounts for annual sales revenue. Up to 3.5%; the main business and technological development of the company is in line with the national and provincial and municipal industrial policies, and it is the key direction of national and provincial and municipal “12th five-year” technology development planning guidelines to encourage development; the company’s operation and operation are in good condition. It has a complete technological innovation system, first-class innovation ability in the industry, and a high-end talent team engaged in technological innovation; the company’s leading products have independent intellectual property rights, organize or participate in the formulation of industry, national or international standards, and have strong market competitiveness. With sales of over 1 billion yuan, it has strong potential for development and industry driving force. Selected as the first batch of innovative enterprises in Wuxi City (intellectual hundred enterprises) to cultivate enterprises, they will obtain government support in policies, funds, and other aspects.

According to CAI Zhenfa, Secretary of the Party Committee of FAW Xichai, the key to success of Xichai is that the company always regards science and technology as its primary productive force and strives to build a leading technology company. The factory relied on the advantages of FAW Technology Center to form an open and cooperative independent research and development model, built a product development process and standards system, product development process management system, and other independent research and development of "five systems", and built independent research and development of energy saving and environmental protection technologies, electronic intelligence technologies, etc. "Five major technology platforms" is the only company in the domestic diesel engine industry that has mastered many key core technologies such as VCU, GPS, EGR, engine brakes, etc., and it is also the first company to develop a successful four-valve diesel engine, and the first successfully developed electronic control. Common-rail diesel engine, the first company to successfully develop two-stage turbocharged diesel engines and successfully promoted them.

In particular, in recent years, Xichai has made technological innovation the choice of corporate fate. It has changed from “following innovation” to “leading innovation” as its goal. It has made technological innovation a strategic focus and comprehensively promoted the science and technology-driven strategy. The product pattern covered by the “heavy, medium, and light” full range, especially on heavy-duty engines, has made outstanding contributions to the independent business of FAW Group and the acceleration of liberation. Xichai has become the "leading enterprise" in the industry and the city's scientific and technological innovation.

In 2009, CA6DM diesel engine won the "China Automotive Industry Science and Technology Award" special award; in 2010, CA6DM2-42E3 diesel engine won the "2010 Green Power Gold Award"; in 2011, "high-quality J6 heavy-duty truck and heavy-duty diesel engine independent research and development and technological innovation The project won the first prize of the National Science and Technology Progress Award.

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