Eighty-year old man opens his own free "door ticket museum"

Eighty-year old man opens his own free "door ticket museum"
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8 days old ticket ticket friends
Tickets, short for tickets and tickets. Cheng Lao’s collection of vouchers had a coupon of “Huaihai Battle of the Martyrs Monument Tower Gardens” with a face value of one cent.
Not only bicycles to Mianyang, Bazhong, Shenzhen and other places to collect tickets, but also write to the scenic area to buy tickets
Today, Cheng Guomin also has his own "door ticket," and he designed a ticket for the "Cheng Guomin Ticket Collection Museum."
In a farmer's house in Hongshi Town, Shuangliu County, Sichuan Province, there is a “Concierge Museum”. It is an 82-year-old man Cheng Yuanmin who has built up his life. Since July this year, he has been open to the public for free, becoming a showcase of Chinese history. window. At present, few people visit.
Full of blood, collecting 30 thousand tickets for 30 years
Only one or two hair, he also carefully picked it up
Cheng Guomin’s old man spent more than 30 years collecting more than 30,000 tickets and tickets. His ticket voucher museum is located in a farmhouse in Red Rock Township, Shuangliu County. It is a courtyard house and there is a doorway to the entrance of the building: "Cheng Guomin Ticket Collection Museum."
Open the door, here is the world of ticket (commonly known as "ticket"). Cheng Guomin explained the modern history of China in the form of ticket vouchers, from the Opium War to the Revolution of 1911; from the War of Resistance Against Japan to the Liberation War, to the establishment of New China. In each historical period, tickets and tickets for important monuments and historic figures are displayed one by one and the history is illustrated.
There are a lot of tickets that have been yellowed and are stuck in glass frames. Among them, the ticket price for the Huaihai Battle Memorial Martyrs Monument Garden is 1 centimeter, while the other Zhangye Memorial Hall Ticket is 2 cents.
And the familiar “Guan Yuan Chun Xue” mentioned “a generation of Tianjiao, Genghis Khan, only knowing how to sculpt a big eagle”. The following is a ticket for the “Genghis Khan Tomb Tourist Area”.
Some scenic spots, he only buy tickets do not visit
Before retiring, his ticket was mainly from the tourist attractions he had visited, as well as ticket vouchers for door ticket lovers. After retiring, he began cycling to collect tickets.
On one occasion, he set off from Chengdu on his own bicycle, traveled to Guangyuan through Bazhong, Nanjiang, and Tongjiang and then returned to Chengdu from Mianyang. The entire itinerary was more than 10,000 kilometers. Every time he visits, he goes to various scenic spots to purchase tickets. In order to save time, he bought tickets for the memorial hall will go in to visit, and some natural scenic areas, he only buy tickets do not visit.
On one occasion, he was admitted to a hotel. After the owner of the hotel heard about the story of his collection of tickets, he refused to accept his accommodation fee to express his support for him. "We are very supportive of our father's hobbies." According to Cheng Xiaorong, the daughter of Cheng Guomin, the father also rides bicycles with old friends to Shenzhen and collects tickets along the way.
In addition, Cheng Guomin also wrote letters to the scenic spots to collect tickets. He subscribed to many city ticket magazines to learn about the opening of new attractions. Once he learned about the opening of the Daqing Museum, he wrote a letter to buy a ticket. After hearing the story of the old man collecting tickets, the other party sent him 10 tickets for free, which made Cheng Guomin very touched.
However, not every time so smoothly. Last year, Cheng Guoxiang wrote to an attraction and hoped to purchase the ticket for the area. However, Cheng Guomin even wrote three letters and he did not receive a response from the other party. To this end, in order to be able to collect vouchers more effectively, Cheng Kuomin has time to travel.
Staying in the farmhouse, even if it comes to a person, he also enthusiastically explains
Collecting jingles for nearly 30 years, Cheng Guomin now has his own "door ticket." He designed the tickets for the "Cheng Guomin Ticket Collection Museum," with a photo of Cheng Lao and the museum and the museum's internal photos, which were distributed to tourists for free.
Cheng Guomin said that prior to this, the vouchers were all placed in the lockers at home and occasionally taken out for exhibitions in universities and other places. He believes that his own hard work does not reflect value, so he has the idea of ​​opening a museum to promote China's history and great mountains and rivers. In July this year, the museum was completed. Cheng Guomin said that the museum cost about 20,000 yuan, mainly spent on decorating and outfitting vouchers.
As the museum is located in the farmhouse, not many people come to visit. In the one hour interviewed by the reporter, only one middle-aged man who had dinner at the farmhouse visited him. Cheng Guomin said that there are more than 20 people at weekends, but it is usually deserted. There are only a few people, and sometimes even no one at a time.
However, Cheng Guomin does not care much about the number of tourists. Even if only one person comes, he will enthusiastically explain. On one occasion, a pupil was surprised and Cheng Guomin asked “What are the thinkers in our history?” Pupils are puzzled. Cheng Lao took him to the memorial ticket office of Confucius and other thinkers. The pupils also took notes seriously. This small matter gives Cheng Guomin a sense of accomplishment.
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