Domestic Development of Testing Instruments Symposium Held in Beijing

On September 11, 2012, the “Open Laboratory Day” was jointly sponsored by the Beijing Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine Bureau (hereinafter referred to as “Beijing Bureau”), Instrument Information Network (, and I would like to test the network (.cn). The seminar on the development of home-made instruments was held at the Beijing Bureau. The purpose of the conference is to strengthen the communication between the quality inspection department and all sectors of the society, promote the exchange and cooperation between domestic equipment manufacturers and the inspection and quarantine system, and accelerate the independent research and development and promotion of domestic equipment and demonstration applications.

The State Council's "Quality Development Program (2011-2020)" clearly stated that "we must increase the research and development of inspection and inspection technologies and inspection equipment, promote the localization of key instruments and key inspection equipment, and accelerate the rapid detection of equipment and methods. "Screening, promotion and application" and "National Medium- and Long-Term Scientific and Technological Development Plan Outline (2006-2020)" also explicitly require that "emphasize the role of scientific instruments and equipment in scientific research, and strengthen independent research on scientific instruments and equipment and detection technology." "Development," AQSIQ also put forward the requirements of quality inspection technology to expand service functions, take the initiative to serve the country's economic development and promote the healthy development of the industry. In response to the requirements of the relevant national departments for independently researching and developing domestic scientific research instruments, the Beijing Bureau put forward its cooperation intentions including domestic equipment verification, joint cooperative development, industrialization of scientific and technological achievements, etc. in accordance with its own characteristics and research and development advantages. More common domestic manufacturers and domestic high-end laboratories "close contact."

Wang Dalu, deputy director of the Beijing Bureau, introduced the basic situation of the Beijing Bureau and said in his speech that the Beijing Bureau has 9 categories of laboratories with international standards, including food safety, animal and plant, and electromechanical, textile, toys, medicine, and metals. , Hosted or participated in 49 state-level scientific research projects, 161 AQSIQ research projects, and 6 scientific research projects of the Beijing Science and Technology Commission, presided over 6 national quality inspection public welfare projects, and obtained 60 items of national standards. 215 quarantine industry standards were established to achieve full coverage of inspection and quarantine fields. For the meeting's expectations, Wang Dalu said that the meeting was mainly to vigorously promote the relevant requirements for localization testing equipment and equipment, with the theme of research and development, production, verification, marking, and application of domestic testing equipment. The docking platform for the development and application of domestic testing equipment.

Zhao Jingmin, deputy director of the Beijing Bureau of Science and Technology, revealed in his speech that, under the leadership of the Department of Science and Technology of the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine, the quality inspection system is starting the work of the “National Large-scale Inspection Instrument Equipment Alliance”. One of the key tasks of the alliance is to establish a set of The technical service system supporting the development of the entire process chain of domestic equipment and equipment has become the Secretariat of the Alliance.

Wang Qiang, director of the textile laboratory of the Beijing Bureau Technology Center, introduced the specific working ideas for the development of home-made equipment and instruments: First, it helped domestic instrument manufacturers to verify the equipment. Beijing Bureau has high-quality technical personnel and a large number of world-leading testing equipment, involving different business areas and different types of samples, and participated in the development of inspection and quarantine industry standards, so unique advantages, can well help instrument manufacturers to carry out Instrument verification work. The second is to jointly develop equipment and equipment with instrument manufacturers. As an instrument demander, the entry-exit inspection and quarantine system understands and can provide feedback to the instrument manufacturers on their own use of the instrument and the use of the instrument. It also has a certain amount of instrument R&D foundation and R&D results. It can cooperate with domestic instrument manufacturers to develop instruments.

Guo Xiaowei, deputy secretary-general of the China Instrument and Meter Industry Association, said at the meeting that the Beijing Bureau, as one of the important government testing organizations and instrument users, initiated the conference and fully expressed its willingness to cooperate with domestic equipment manufacturers. Bring more confidence to China's instrument industry and hope that both parties can achieve good cooperation and fruitful cooperation in the future.

According to reports, the Beijing Bureau has already put into action the development of domestically-developed equipment and equipment. At present, it has undertaken the subproject of “Special Atomic Spectroscopic Analysis System for On-Site, Fast and Accurate Measurement” of the National Major Scientific Instruments and Equipment Development Project. "Development and validation of detection methods" research task.

At the meeting, domestic equipment manufacturers also briefly introduced their company profiles, core technologies and products, and instrument development ideas, which deepened the understanding and understanding of relevant officials and technical leaders of the Beijing Bureau on domestic equipment manufacturers and their products. Representatives of domestic equipment manufacturers have stated that they rarely participated in such meetings before. The meeting not only created good opportunities for both parties to deepen their understanding with the Beijing Bureau, but also fully felt the importance of the government, inspection and quarantine systems for the development of domestic equipment, and hopefully. There is an opportunity to cooperate with the Beijing Bureau on the R&D, production, verification, marking, and application of instruments and equipment.

Dr. Xiangxiang Yin from the Department of Science and Technology of AQSIQ, Liu Zhongshu, deputy director of the National Science and Technology and Standards Management Department of the State Certification and Accreditation Administration, Wang Dalu, deputy director of the Beijing Bureau, and Guo Xiaowei, deputy secretary-general of the China Instrument Industry Association, attended the meeting and spoke at the relevant laboratory of the Beijing Bureau. The technical backbone and more than a dozen well-known domestic equipment manufacturers responsible persons or representatives attended the meeting. The meeting was co-chaired by Liu Laifu, Director of the Beijing Bureau of Science and Technology, and Tang Haixia, General Manager of Instrument Information Network.

During the conference, representatives of various manufacturers and instrument information network, and I want to survey the network participants also visited the Beijing Bureau of Laboratories, some companies and made in-depth cooperation on the next exchange to discuss and exchange.

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