Do you really know about bread refrigerated trucks?

Some customers want to buy bread refrigerated trucks, but they are not very clear about how to use them and some of the problems encountered during use. Today, Xiao Bian made some suggestions on a few issues that were most inquiries for the customers of bread refrigerated trucks.

1. What kind of goods is better for bread refrigerated trucks?

More suitable for distribution of goods in the city, suitable for pharmaceuticals, supermarkets, cold storage, food, dairy products, vegetable cold meat or frozen goods in the city distribution, short-distance transport, etc., convenient and convenient, on the blue card, the nature of the vehicle is a closed truck There is no restricted area in the city

2. How much can a bread refrigerated truck hold?

The rated load quality standard of the bread refrigerated truck is 820KG, and the actual load capacity is 1000KG. Because it is a closed container design, it is not suitable for loading goods with large space requirements.

3. Does a bread refrigerated truck consume a lot of fuel? If the refrigeration unit is turned on, how much does the fuel consumption increase?

The official fuel consumption data of the vehicle is 10.3L/100km. The actual fuel consumption is slightly higher at 11L/100km. The increase in fuel consumption of the refrigeration unit when the vehicle is running at a low speed is relatively large. However, depending on the temperature of the loaded cargo and the size of the space in the tank, and the increase in engine speed, the fuel consumption can be increased by 1-1.5L/100. Kilometers

4. Is this truck loaded with cargo and the refrigeration unit is operating normally?

The car uses the Beiqi Foton BJ491EQ4 engine, engine power 76KW, 103 horsepower, for the entire vehicle quality and total cargo, the engine power is sufficient, the engine power and the cold machine match is very stable.

5. Can a bread refrigerated truck do the meat hanging standard box?

The meat trailer has strict requirements for the reinforcement of the box body and the space requirement of the box body. There is an integral metal reinforcing frame inside the box body, and the closed box design of the bread refrigerated truck causes a relatively small box space, so it is not suitable to do it. Meat hanging use.

6. Can this cabin be equipped with air conditioning?


The vehicle uses a Beiqi Foton BJ491EQ4 engine. The design of the gasoline engine itself is relatively compact, but dual compressors can be installed. The main role of the refrigerated truck is to ensure the cargo temperature. If the cab air conditioner is installed, the same engine can be used to drive the rear box at the same time. Refrigerator compressors and cab air-conditioning compressors, but at the same time after opening, there will be greater consumption of the engine power of the car.

The above are the most common problems that are summarized for everyone. We hope to bring you help and better understand the bread refrigerated truck.

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