Discussion on Design Requirements for Impeller of Important Parts of Sand Making Machine

As one of the important basic materials for the construction industry, sand and gravel will undoubtedly contribute to China's construction and cannot be replaced. The industrial chain formed by the sand and gravel industry is also being continuously improved. The status of the sand and gravel industry is increasingly important. The most direct is that the increasing demand for sand and gravel will bring huge economic benefits to gravel manufacturers because sand and gravel are nowadays All of them are mainly derived from artificial sand making. Sand making machines will be used in the process of making sand. Scientific and reasonable sand making machines can produce high-quality sand and gravel. Of course, the reasonable design of each part of the sand making machine has contributed to the The sand making machine can show excellent performance during the sand making process. Today, the main explanation is given below. What are the requirements for the sand making machine impeller design for the producers of sand making machines?
In order to know the requirements of the sand making machine structure for the design of the impeller, it is necessary to know the role of the impeller in the entire production, because the material will be divided into two by the material feeder after entering the material inlet. Partially broken, a part of the material will be sent to the impeller, will be broken in a certain grinding, collision during the high-speed rotation of the impeller, so in the impeller design:
The first requirement is to meet the characteristics of good wear resistance, because once the impeller wear is serious, it will lead to extended production of the entire production, and it will also reduce the life of the sand making machine itself. The adoption of impeller material adopts materials with extremely high wear resistance, and wear-resistant materials are manufactured through a series of advanced equipments of related companies.
The second requirement is that the manufacturer of the sand making machine, after completing the production of the sand making equipment, should add the indicator of the turning of the impeller to the appearance of the relevant sand making equipment. This will enable the user to know the rotation of the impeller during production. Situation, and then a certain amount of orderly feeding.
The third requirement is that the structure of the impeller is a hollow cylinder made of special materials. Therefore, during the design process, special attention should be paid to installing it on the upper shaft end of the main bearing, and also to use a conical sleeve and a coupling. The button distance is transferred. This is done to prevent the safety of the operator when the impeller is thrown out during high-speed rotation or when the impeller is misaligned.

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