Development and application of secondary full speed gear drive

Since the herringbone teeth have axial automatic centering positioning, only one shaft can be axially positioned, and the two-way thrust disc is mounted at one end of the intermediate shaft to ensure the herringbone teeth generated by the additional axial load at the input or output connection end. The eccentric load at both ends only acts on a certain gear, ensuring the balance of the load as much as possible; the H-shaped bushing is adopted on the structure, and the bearing surface of the two ends is refined after hot charging, which reduces the positioning of the two ends to the box. The requirement of span accuracy and maximum guarantee of installation accuracy; the low-speed large-gear shaft adopts double-row spherical roller bearing, and the axial position is not positioned, which can fully guarantee the contact strength of the tooth contact and ensure safe and stable operation under full load condition. Considering the rotational speed, the input shaft gear adopts a mechanical labyrinth seal, and the output shaft adopts a skeleton seal; the specific structure.
The internal structure of the gearbox. Lubrication design Because the first stage of the two-stage transmission has a higher speed and the second stage has a lower rotation speed, the high-speed stage gear and the plain bearing lubrication consume most of the lubricating oil, mainly for heat dissipation, while the second-stage lubricating oil is mainly The function is lubrication, and the heat dissipation effect is second.
In principle, the transmission ratio distribution ratio should meet two conditions, namely equal strength conditions and small external dimensions and masses [1] 12-13. At the same time, structural analysis should appropriately reduce the second-stage transmission ratio. To increase the diameter and strength of the intermediate shaft. The total gear ratio of the reducer is 14.933. According to the above conditions, the first-stage transmission ratio should be between 3.54.0, which is initially determined to be 3.8, and the speed ratio of the second-stage transmission is 14.93/3.8=3.929.
The gear parameters are based on the initially selected gear ratio, and taking into account the different requirements of the various stages of transmission, determine the specific parameters of the gears of each level [1] 8-12 as shown. Preliminary scheme gear main parameters series modulus gear material and process shaft gear and large gear are made of low carbon high quality alloy steel 20CrNi2MoA, low speed shaft adopts 42CrMo, carburizing and quenching. In combination with the rotational speed of each shaft system, the high-speed shaft gear 1 performs the tooth direction and the tooth tip modification, the high-speed large gear tooth tip is rounded; the low-speed shaft gear performs the tooth direction modification; the tooth direction modification considers the biting direction [2] 81-188.
The first-stage gear strength calculation is based on the forced lubrication of the VG46 lubricating oil condition. The first-stage gear strength calculation [2] 81-142 is as shown, and the design fully meets the requirements. The critical speed and stiffness of the input shaft gear are checked. Because the high speed shaft has a relatively high rotational speed and the bearing span is large, in order to ensure stable operation under full load mining, it is necessary to calculate and check the critical speed and shaft stiffness of the high speed shaft [2]. 187-188, the calculation results as shown, meet the requirements.
Test and application The five-stage gearbox was produced in the first phase. In November 2007, the air load test was carried out at the National Gear Product Supervision and Inspection Center. The test results are shown.

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