Conference Room LCD Splicing Controlled Hybrid Matrix Solution

At present, most LCD splicing display projects use LCD splicing software to control large-screen startup, shutdown, switching between scenes, and matrix input and output switching; and the operation is rather cumbersome, especially the switching of matrix input and output; The new generation of IPAD control system can perfectly integrate the LCD splicing control. It can realize the original computer software control function of the large screen. It can also realize long-distance control, large-screen startup, shutdown and scene switching through the IPAD or EC90CW wireless touch screen. , Matrix input and output switcher; through the Chinese matrix input and output identification, large-screen mosaic scene graphics intuitive identification, making LCD control more simple and convenient to use; At the same time, IPAD control system can also control the on-site environment, such as lighting switch, light and shade Degree of adjustment, curtain opening and closing, volume level, power supply timing and other centralized control. The control system diagram:

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