China and South Korea jointly build Qingdao Petrochemical Development Base

A few days ago, Sinopec and South Korea Caltex Corporation signed an agreement on further pragmatic cooperation between the two parties, marking the substantial cooperation stage between Qingdao Daqing Oil Refining Project and Qingdao Lidong Chemical Project invested and invested by the two parties. The signing of the agreement will play an important role in promoting the sound development of the petrochemical industry in Qingdao, accelerating the scale construction of the petrochemical base, and ensuring safety and environmental protection.
It is reported that the two sides successively invested in the Qingdao Development Zone to build a 10 million-ton large-scale oil refining project and a Qingdao Lidong aromatic hydrocarbon plant. The two leading projects in the petrochemical industry cluster of Qingdao Development Zone are adjacent to each other and have the foundation and conditions for carrying out comprehensive cooperation to optimize resource allocation, reduce production costs, and achieve common development.
In the agreement, the two parties agreed that in accordance with the actual needs of the national petrochemical industry layout planning and rationalization of resource allocation, the material supply, hydrogen supply, utilities, plant operations, use of catalysts, product sales, use of terminals and storage tanks, etc. Sexual cooperation. The two sides also agreed to carry out extensive cooperation in energy conservation, safety and environmental protection, etc., through regular exchanges in clean production, safety and environmental protection, etc., to achieve the sharing and recycling of resources, and to achieve sustainable economic and social development.

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