Characteristics of porphyry copper ore flotation process

(1) Processing porphyry copper ore concentrate regrinding mostly coarse reselection stage sorting process. That is, the coarse selection of copper and molybdenum is carried out under conditions of coarse grinding (50%~65%-200 mesh), and the obtained coarsely selected concentrate is re-milled (90%~100%-200 mesh), further selected and reground. Care should be taken to maintain the floatability of the molybdenite. Because molybdenite is soft and easy to mud, over-grinding will increase the surface of the molybdenum ore, affecting the water flow on the surface of the thin layer, making it less prone to float.
(2) is selected from mixed copper-molybdenum, copper net floating principle, molybdenum recovered as much as possible, in order to suppress pyrite is generally conducted in an alkaline medium, PH = 8.5 ~ 12, depending on the number and pyrite floatability And set.
(3) Flotation agent, copper-molybdenum mixed flotation collector , the most commonly used is xanthate. With black powder, Z-200 as an auxiliary coal oil collector, the use of kerosene should be noted that the ratio of the foaming agent, in order to ensure optimal foamed state. Foaming agent, methyl isobutyl methoxide (MIBC) is used abroad, its dosage is small, about 30g/t, and there are many factories using pine oil as foaming agent. Domestically, it is mainly made of 2 # oil. Foaming agent.

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