Changan Micro-car launched a series of promotions and then lifted the micro-car heat wave

The reporter learned from the marketing department of Shenzhen Yu Xianglong, the largest distributor of Changan Automobile, that Changan Micro-car launched a series of promotions.

Used car replacement activities. Any old car of any brand or any type of vehicle can replace the Changan product line commercial vehicle, allowing the owner to replace the new car with an old car at one time and reduce trouble.

In addition, Yuxianglong Company also introduced home-validation services for the convenience of the owner, and the successful replacement can also be obtained once free maintenance.

Car purchase promotions. Chang'an Group recently held a large-scale promotion campaign of “over 5 million peaks”, offering discounts ranging from RMB 1,000 to RMB 5,000 for designated models, and car-watching activities.

360-degree worry-free care. In order to put good service users into place, Chang'an Group launched an industry insurmountable policy earlier this year: “360-degree worry-free care”, that is, non-human damage to vehicle components within a specified period of time, and free maintenance at the Chang’an service station.

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