Blue Light Software escorts leading auto parts companies

With the continuous expansion of the company's scale and the continuous expansion of its personnel, Grenhaemen urgently needs a set of human capital management software to help the personnel department manage more efficiently. So from 2011, Granheimer was constantly looking for a human capital management product that was suitable for him. In just a few months, Granheimer has seen almost all major domestic and international HR software, and conducted in-depth investigation and analysis of these products. In the end, Granheimer chose Landa HRM management software from Shanghai Blue Lights Software Co., Ltd. Granheimer believes that the Landa V8 HRM system is more closely aligned with corporate needs and can well integrate the development goals of foreign companies in China. And has a wealth of implementation experience, product control is good, but also easy to change in accordance with the changing business needs. Bluelight Software escorts the leading auto parts companies.

Recently, Bluelight Software has successfully signed Grand Hernin Automotive Components (China) Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Grand Hernand) to create a full range of human capital management software in China. Granheimer has evolved from a supplier of stamping parts that previously only provided support to Tier 1 suppliers to become a Tier 1 supplier to the world’s top 6 automakers. In the field of land and water transport, Granheimer is The world's leading supplier of electromechanical controls. Gran-Heffen entered Shanghai, China, in 2005 and has a second large-scale plant in 2007. Currently, Granheimer has become China's largest supplier of vehicle shift selectors. Granheimer believes that with the implementation of software projects later, Granheimer will be able to better conduct business in China and help the personnel department to better manage. This will lay a more solid foundation for the vigorous development of enterprises in this huge market in China.

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