Beijing Auto Show heavy truck new products close to the pulse of the market

On April 29th, the 13th Beijing International Auto Show came to a close. The reporter saw that although there were not many truck companies participating in the exhibition, there were heavy truck debuts of SAIC Iveco Hongyan, Beiben Heavy Duty Truck, Dongfeng Commercial Vehicle, FAW Jiefang, Shanxi Dayun, Sichuan Hyundai, and Foton Daimler. The reporter observed the heavy trucks on the booth one by one and found some common characteristics. These characteristics are closely related to the current needs of the domestic market, such as efficient transportation, drop-and-hook transportation, and user requirements for comfort and safety.

Heavy trucks develop towards high power and high-end

The trend of high-power, heavy-duty, and high-end has become more apparent in the past year. Yang Jiechi, secretary-general of the Commercial Vehicles Division of the Federation of Travel Unions, told reporters that this trend will become a trend in the coming years. The current Beijing auto show confirmed Yang Zaiyu's views.

In order to show that the product has the ability of high power and heavy load, many heavy-duty truck companies have displayed high-power engines, axles and other assemblies on the booth. Dongfeng Commercial Vehicle Company brought the DDi11 engine and Cummins 13L high-power engine. SAIC Fiat Red Rock showcased two high-power engines, cursor9 and cursor13.

The Jiefang JH066×4 tractor equipped with a high-power engine is a brand new product released this year. It is mainly targeted at the transportation of the standard cargo and the transportation of dangerous goods. Liberation booth staff said that he wanted to liberate the JH06 at the auto show to give people a sense of high-end atmosphere, which is easier for users to accept. "Because young users nowadays like to look like 'tall' products." The staff member said, "JH06 equipped with Aowei CA6DM2 engine, FAW 12-speed transmission, 440 rear axle, in the inherited Jiefang J6 heavy truck safe and reliable On the basis of advantages such as oil-saving and fuel-saving.

When a reporter asked about marketing measures, the above-mentioned staff said that in order to popularize the product that will be mass-produced in August, JH06 uses the J6 service system, which makes the parts more versatile, and the cost for the user to buy a car is low, and the profit is quicker. He also emphasized that the Liberation J6 won the China Auto Commercial Vehicle "most satisfied car safety model" award for two consecutive years. In recent years, Liberated J6 heavy trucks have been adapting to the high-power, high-speed, lightweight, fuel-efficient and comfortable environmental protection requirements of the high-end heavy-duty truck market. They have continuously improved their product platforms and technology upgrades, enabling the Liberated J6 heavy trucks to reach the level of contemporary Europe.

The heavy truck rookie of the current auto show will be equipped with a modern Hyundai Powertec 12.7L engine. Field staff said that comprehensive tests showed that their climbing performance, 0-80 km acceleration performance and fuel consumption all performed well, and some powertrains provided warranty guarantees of up to 1 million kilometers. The Powertec12.7L engine adopts the third-generation EFI technology and, together with the high-performance turbocharger, allows Chuanghu to deliver up to 383kW of power in a short period of time, with a maximum torque of 255N·m.

An audience member pointed to Chuang Huzhong heavy truck and told reporters: "This car has a particularly good image and its color is very dazzling. It is a style of Korean drama."

New push for efficient transport market <br> <br> Beijing Auto Show, exhibited three Hongyan heavy truck, in which Chang Jie lion tractor version of the most compelling way.

According to Wei Shujian, general manager of Shang Yihong’s Beijing Sales and Service Center, Hongyan’s research on China’s logistics and transportation industry has made improvements and customized research and development on how to improve vehicle road freight capacity, cargo security, and freight efficiency. . Jieshi typhoon tractors combined with the market demand for suspension, launched ECAS control system, to achieve a high degree of freedom of saddle adjustment, the height of its no-load off the ground can be as low as 1106mm, when the bridge, the height of the tunnel to hinder the height adjustment chassis height by.

Another technician at Red Rock told the reporter: “Jieshi is a car that was developed specifically for the hang-off market. This year we will measure the amount in the road car market. Part of the hope is on this car.”

Although Beibenzhongqi V3M is not a new product in 2014, it was released as early as last year's Shanghai Auto Show. However, Lu Tao, chief designer of Beichen Zhongqi's brand planning department, said that the car was exhibited again because of its comparison. Suitable for efficient transportation. The lightweight features have also been welcomed by users. "If the car is light, it will be able to pull more goods. The owner likes it. Our car chassis weighs 7.8 tons. It is a car that is lightweight and relatively good."

According to Lu Tao, V3M is a new light-weight, high-efficiency logistics transport vehicle with standard loading, which meets the increasingly stringent transportation requirements of the time. It is Beiben Heavy's most potential product for expanding the heavy-duty truck market, and it is also a key promotion product this year. After one year of customer experience and continuous improvement, V3M has achieved a reasonable match between major components and systems, and mature technologies ensure the quality of the entire vehicle. In addition, the current auto show Beiben Heavy Duty also exhibited the V3M lightweight dump truck.

Another Beichen heavy-duty car V3HT has been well-known to users. V3HT is the domestic high-end logistics transportation tractor that Beibei has pushed in recent years.

In addition, the Beiben heavy gas field staff also told reporters that they recently held a business conference, this year should be a crucial year to reverse the unfavorable situation.

Pay attention to product safety and comfort <br> <br> heavy truck industry as a new army, Sichuan Modern highlights the security of its creators tiger heavy trucks. One of the staff said that the heavy-duty truck chassis uses high tension steel frame, parabolic leaf spring, and equipped with the latest development of the third generation of electronic control technology to improve the comfort of the vehicle; Chuanghu heavy truck has taken into account the front, Side, turning and night driving safety techniques.

A professional audience and reporters said in a chat that the Chuanghu heavy truck is the main image and security of the two cards, the effect of how the Chinese users still need to be recognized.

The reporter noted that the Futian GTL heavy-duty cab is very spacious, with a full-size floor that provides more space for occupants to move around in the car. The cab has a large storage box and a sleeper pull-out storage compartment. Leave enough storage space. Body uses a lot of environmentally friendly materials, no odor, to protect the driver's health.

Show car to reach the four countries, the National V emission standards <br> <br> reporter found, Dongfeng commercial vehicle carrying its 6 models to participate in the Beijing auto show, exhibition models all meet the national emission standards for four or five countries. The three models of the four countries are Tianlong’s flagship, Dongfeng Tianlong hazardous vehicle and Dongfeng Tianlong quasi-heavy duty vehicle. The two models of the two countries are Dongfeng Hercules and Dongfeng Tianjin, which are models used by Dongfeng Commercial Vehicles to expand into overseas markets. According to the on-site staff introduction, one right rudder model is for the Hong Kong market and the other is for the Brazilian market.

At the scene, the reporter noticed that almost all heavy trucks on the booth had reached the National IV and the State V emission standards. This also reflects that companies are serious about emission escalation.

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