Analysis of Maintenance of Mold Incubator in Laboratory

Mold incubator is generally used in research and application fields such as health, bio-pharmaceuticals, agricultural research, and environmental protection. It is a special equipment for water analysis, BOD measurement, cultivation, preservation of bacteria, strains, microorganisms, plant cultivation, and experimental biological culture of breeding. The precautions required during the maintenance of the mold incubator are as follows.

   1. Plug in the power outlet (the power supply should be well grounded ) , press the power switch, the display lights up, and the display shows the actual temperature and humidity in the incubator chamber.

   2. The universal wheel at the bottom of the mold incubator fixes the box.

   3. Installation of the humidifier: Plug the power plug of the humidifier into the power socket on the side of the instrument, and then connect the humidifier tube of the instrument to the humidifier, and the connection must be tightly connected. The water in the humidifier tank must be properly operated according to the instructions.

   4. Temperature adjustment: Press the temperature setting button, the digital display is the set value, the rotation temperature adjusts the potentiometer to the required temperature value, release the button, and the digital display is the actual temperature in the culturing chamber. At this time, if the actual temperature in the incubator is less than the set temperature, the heating indicator light is on and the heater starts heating ; if the actual temperature in the incubator is higher than the set temperature, the refrigeration indicator light is on and the refrigeration system starts to cool ; for example, the heating indicator light With the cooling indicator light dark, the incubator is in a constant temperature muffle.

   5. Humidity adjustment: press the humidity setting button, the digital display is the set value, rotate the humidity to adjust the potentiometer to the desired humidity value, release the button, the digital display is the actual humidity in the mold incubator . When the actual humidity in the cultivating room is smaller than the set humidity, humidification humidifies the humidifying lamp in the culturing chamber ; when the actual humidity in the culturing room is greater than the set humidity, the humidifier stops working at this time, and the humidifying indicator lights Off.

   7. Care must be taken when handling. The angle between the plane and the horizontal plane must not be less than 45° .

   6. When the use temperature is low, the accumulated water in the bottom tray in the tank should be regularly drained.

   8. If the inside of the box does not need to be sterilized, the sterilizing switch on the panel should be placed in the “ OFF ” position.

   9. When the temperature is set, you can not easily turn the temperature control knob back and forth several times, so as not to start the compressor frequently, causing the compressor to appear overloaded, affecting the life of the compressor.

   10 , the machine operation failure, such as temperature control failure, no heating or cooling, must cut off the power, check the fuse is intact, and then check the corresponding parts

   11. If there is any problem with the humidifier, please repair it according to the warranty on the humidifier manual .

   12. Unplug the power plug when the instrument is out of service. Please note that when customers use the mold incubator, they can pay attention to the above points and do a good job of routine maintenance of the mold incubator .

   13. When the humidity sensor is in a high humidity state for a long time, condensation will form, that is, the humidity display value will remain high. If an accurate humidity display value is required, the incubator door should be opened and the humidity sensor should be at room temperature. In the natural drying, you can continue to use.

   14. In order to maintain the beauty of the equipment, it is not allowed to use the acid or alkali and other corrosive articles to wipe the surface, and the box can be wiped dry with a dry cloth regularly.

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