Analysis and Discussion on Energy Saving Technology of Mine Ventilator

Analysis and Discussion on Energy Saving Technology of Mine Ventilator
Core Tips: Analysis and Discussion on Energy Saving Technology of Mine Ventilators Used in Technology Management Guo Xiaoliang Guo Changhua Japan Blower Ventilation Equipment Co., Ltd., Shenyang 110141, Liaoning Province, China) Technological innovation and environmental constraints, energy saving demand for mine ventilation fans has become an industry and social focus. . China's current fan frequency conversion energy-saving reform

Analysis and Discussion of Energy Management Technology of Mine Ventilator with Technology Management Guo Xiaoliang, Guo Changhua, Japan Blower Ventilation Equipment Co., Ltd., Shenyang 110141, Liaoning Province, China) Technical innovations and environmental constraints, and the energy saving demand of mine ventilators have become the focus of industry and society. China's current fan frequency conversion energy-saving technology is relatively mature, its safety performance is relatively stable, it is recommended that the existing mine ventilation equipment for energy-saving transformation. This paper analyzes the energy-saving technological innovation of mine ventilation equipment, expounds the optimal design ideas and technical principles of energy saving for mine ventilation fans, responds to the national policies for energy-saving and emission reduction, and pays attention to the uninterrupted development of coal mining enterprises.

In China, ventilation equipment is one of the most energy-consuming applications in mines. Basically, every coal mine has a ventilator to complete the production process. Under the guidance of the State's policy of promoting ecological protection, the establishment of low-carbon and ecological mines has become an inevitable trend for the development of the coal mining industry. Further, the issue of coal mine energy conservation has also become a key research object in the mine work process for the safe production of coal mines and the protection of the environment. All have extremely important significance. The introduction of frequency conversion technology can improve mine ventilation equipment, improve the automation level of the machine, and finally realize the energy saving of the fan.

I. Design and Principles of Energy-saving Technologies for Mine Ventilators There are many options for the energy-saving methods of mine ventilators. Different energy-saving methods can achieve their energy-saving requirements in varying degrees. According to the study, the most optimized energy-saving method is the frequency conversion method, which has extremely obvious application advantages. The frequency conversion changes the frequency of the power supply, that is, through the conversion of the fan current to achieve the adjustment of the motor operating frequency, the fixed grid frequency is changed to a variable frequency. Frequency conversion technology has the advantages of energy saving, high speed drive, and precise control, and is now widely used in the improved design of mine ventilators.

Several common energy-saving technologies of mine ventilators There are several methods for energy-saving adjustment of mine ventilators in China. They are as follows: Direct selection of ventilators that are in line with actual work requirements.

Change the design piping of existing ventilators.

For the existing fan operating environment to coordinate the control of its operating conditions.

Through the research on the energy-saving technology of mine ventilators, the most optimized energy-saving effect was explored, and the fan was modified to be applied in practice. The specific method is as follows: throttling the ventilation equipment. The specific approach: In the premise of a fixed fan speed, use the pressure cut-off switch device to change the fan flow. The analysis shows that the use of this method has little effect on the wind speed of the fan, and this method does not play an effective role in the control of production costs.

Speed-based energy-saving method based on hydraulic coupler. The specific approach: the use of liquid to transfer torque, under the premise of constant motor speed, through the coupler in the pump wheel and the turbine and other devices to adjust the change, so that the liquid hull torque and thus change the fan speed. In the previous construction of energy-saving mines, this method was widely used. With the innovation of technology, this method was gradually eliminated, due to its overlarge floor space, the obvious speed adjustment effect and other disadvantages.

Use frequency conversion technology to save energy. As of now, this is a relatively mature technological achievement. Because of the low cost of the frequency converter, adding the frequency converter to the original ventilation equipment does not change the cost significantly, but it can also play the role of speed control and energy saving. Therefore, the application of the energy conversion method using frequency conversion technology is more extensive. Frequency-conversion speed-regulation energy-saving technology has become the main energy-saving method for mine ventilation equipment. Based on this technology, low-cost retrofits are made to the ventilators used in mine applications, and their energy-saving advantages are becoming increasingly prominent.

Second, the ventilation fan frequency conversion energy-saving technology transformation process and application of the current situation of the mechanism of frequency control technology AC motor variable frequency speed control is based on the development of microelectronic theory of new technology, it is a way to change the frequency of the motor and The technical means of changing the voltage to achieve the motor speed regulation goal is obvious. Compared with the traditional DC motor speed regulation method, it has obvious technical advantages. Its characteristics are as follows: wide speed range, high speed regulation efficiency, and good safety performance Other advantages. It is the next more reasonable speed control method, the mechanism of action meets the energy-saving requirements.

Using energy-conversion speed control mechanisms to achieve energy savings Based on the special nature of variable frequency speed governors, it has different categories. Mine ventilators often have weak carrying capacity and do not require excessive load pressure. Therefore, we can choose inverters with relatively low performance and price, which can meet the normal and stable operation requirements of ventilators.

In the application of the frequency conversion governor during the transformation process, effective control of its signals is required. Under normal circumstances, the ratio of inverter speed to rated speed should be controlled in the range of 75%-100%, and not less than 50%. If the frequency signal is greatly affected by the mine environment, the necessary anti-interference technology can be taken. Adjustment, and then to ensure the appropriate control of its signal, and promote the reasonable transformation of the frequency converter.

The frequency conversion process of the mine ventilator is clear in steps, and the transformation process is relatively simple. In addition to the necessary control of the signal given by the user, the next step is to complete the transformation by setting up the system.

After the frequency conversion of the fan, it completed its basic energy-saving effect.

Its energy-saving principle is very simple and easy to implement, and it has been widely used in the configuration of mine ventilator equipment in China. The energy-saving power is proportional to its ventilated area, playing a role in the rational allocation of resources and effective use of resources. It can be seen that the application of frequency conversion governors to transform mine ventilators has significant energy savings.

Concluding remarks Mine fan used in the actual application of frequency control, can play a saving effect. With the development of the times and the transformation of society, the energy-saving technology of mining ventilators is also maturing and progressing. People are looking forward to seeking a simple and economical means to improve the energy-saving design of mine ventilators. It is clear that variable frequency equipment can achieve this. A goal is to make the application effect of the reformed fan more obvious, and it can play a role in security protection. At present, there are a large number of coal mining enterprises in China. Under the requirements of state policies, energy-saving technologies and methods for mining fans will be widely used to ensure safe production.

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