Accurate calculation method for motorcycle fuel consumption

The problem of motorcycle fuel consumption has always been a cliché. This is a question about the pockets of Moyou. It must be considered. Let’s analyze how to judge whether the engine is burning oil or normal engine oil consumption (burning oil does not cost money, but hurting the car) And the accurate calculation method of motorcycle fuel consumption, I hope everyone will test the fuel consumption of their car, unexpectedly do not know a test scared, it is estimated that some of the money consumption of the friend can save a new motorcycle.

Regarding the problem of burning motor oil on motorcycles, if there is really burning oil, there is nothing to say. Some of them are not necessarily burning oil, but normal oil consumption. At best, oil consumption is too large. Most people know that If you find that the exhaust pipe emits blue smoke, you can basically conclude that the engine is burning oil. As long as the blue smoke is used, the engine oil consumption must be very large. Generally, the engine oil is lightly burned. It is easy to use more than half a kilometer of engine oil consumption. Even more, this is basically no controversy.

The problem now is that some friends have not found the exhaust pipe to emit blue smoke. Just check the oil gauge. If it is found that there is a lot less or below the lower limit, it is considered to be burning oil. Other fans will think that the oil is added. It must be kept, there should be no consumption, otherwise it is called burning oil.

The oil is consumed in the process of circulation. This consumption is mainly evaporative consumption. Any liquid substance will evaporate under normal temperature and pressure. The oil is no exception, but the evaporation is small. Once the temperature rises. When the pressure increases, the evaporation of the oil will rise sharply. The higher the temperature, the larger the evaporation. If the boiling point of the oil reaches the boiling point of the oil, the oil will directly become the gas and volatilize from the vent pipe. The consumption of the oil cannot exceed the fuel consumption. 1%, otherwise it is too much oil consumption, motorcycle engine if you refer to the standard of the car engine should not be too much, because the motorcycle engine is worse than the working condition of the car engine, mainly due to the high speed and efficiency of the motorcycle engine Very low cooling system.
If a motorcycle's normal fuel consumption is 2.5 liters per 100 kilometers, and 1000 kilometers is 25 liters, the maximum consumption of oil should not exceed 25/100 = 0.25 liters. Otherwise, the oil consumption is too large. If it is less than 0.25 liters, it belongs to Normal consumption of oil.

Accurate calculation method for motorcycle fuel consumption:

The first thing to know is that when measuring the fuel consumption of the vehicle, there are three conditions, such as time, location, people, and so on. Otherwise, the data obtained is not accurate enough. For a motorcycle of 50----125cc, we can set 5KM. A test section, but parking and braking should not be more than three times, no wind or wind up to one level, more than the second wind began to have an impact on the measurement data, the reverse round-trip average is also wrong, measuring instruments such as measuring cylinders and clocks First fix it in the car, try to ride a section of the road to the hot car, oil, adjust the carburetor, etc., before testing, the tire tires should hit the standard value, the rider's weight and outerwear should not be too big Change, the car has been driving for more than 20 minutes, the machine is not cold, the temperature is best 20--30 degrees, when the difference is too large, the effect of the cold machine, gear oil, tires, belts, fuel volatilization will be greater, the road section requires flat Straight without slope, no intersection and other people interfere with the steady speed of the speed. The road surface should be good to avoid the impact of the gage on the gage.

The capacity of the oil cylinder is to measure which type of vehicle speed. Generally, it takes 150% of the fuel consumption. The capacity of the oil cylinder: (10CM+50% backup according to the height) Several specifications are listed below for your reference:
(1) Special type light friction: Fuel consumption rate 100--150KM/L, vehicle speed 30KM/H, test distance 5KM/10 minutes, fuel consumption 50CC, oil cylinder diameter 25.2mm=1CC/2mm oil level height, diameter 2.5 CM*15CM=75CC.

(2) Light weight 50 light friction: Fuel consumption rate 50--100KM/L, vehicle speed 30KM/H, test distance 5KM/10 minutes, fuel consumption 100CC, oil cylinder diameter 35.7mm=1CC/1 mm oil level, diameter 3.57CM*15CM=150CC.

(3) Ordinary 90 motorcycle: Fuel consumption rate 30--60KM/L, vehicle speed 30KM/H, test distance 5KM/10 minutes, fuel consumption 167CC, oil cylinder diameter 46.1mm=1.67CC/1mm oil level height, diameter 4.61 CM*15CM=250CC.

(4) Large row of 125 motorcycles: fuel consumption rate 20--40KM/L, vehicle speed 50KM/H, test distance 5KM/6 minutes, fuel consumption 250CC, oil cylinder diameter 56.4mm=2.5CC/1mm oil level, diameter 5.64CM*15CM=375CC.

Large row of 125 motorcycles measured:

Before testing the vehicle, it is necessary to find a section with a road monument. First, check whether the speed and road code displayed by the speedometer match the actual speed and the road section. If the error is not large and the repair is not good, determine the percentage of the table and path error, and then use the calculator to slowly convert it. It is best to first select a certain section of the road, first measure the distance between the two ends, even if it is to test other cars that are not allowed to watch the car, you can also look at the watch and the amount of oil to calculate.

1. Selection of oil measuring cylinder: $3 yuan for "White Cat Brand Dishwashing Liquid" Take its transparent plastic bottle with a diameter of 56 mm, the middle section of equal diameter is 158mm, and the calculated middle oil storage capacity is 389CC. The meter can be calculated as fuel consumption of 2.5cc per mm height.

2, the correction of the oil cylinder: According to the above calculation is 24.63CC, there is an error of 1.48%, if you are willing to ignore, but the plastic products will be deformed after a period of time, if the error is too large and not willing to use the calculator to calculate It can be fixed by placing a stick such as bamboo chopsticks vertically inside, which can change the volume/height ratio of its inner cavity.

3. Accessories for the oil cylinder: The oil nozzle is made of 20 mm long M6 screw. The fine car is connected to the 10 mm thread of the M6 ​​to make the oil pipe connection. The center axis is used to make the oil through hole with a diameter of 2 mm. The oil nozzle passes through the bottom of the bottle (first 6 mm hole) and is tightened with a M6 nut and a gasket. Heat the thin iron piece and carefully polish the scale lines and numbers on the plastic bottle. Use a thick wire to make an inverted F-shaped bottle hoop so that the bottle is hung on the side of the body. Some bottle caps also need to be scalded with a small vent! ! Otherwise, if you hold your breath, the oil will not come.

4, use the installation: first hang the oil cylinder on the side of the car closest to the carburetor, keep the vertical state, the height can be slightly lower than the crude oil tank, pay attention to shock and anti-friction. Close the crude oil tank switch, pull the crude oil pipe from the end of the carburetor, and plug the plug to prevent dust and leakage. In addition, a slightly hard oil pipe is used to connect the carburetor to the oil discharge nozzle of the oil cylinder. The other large fuel bottle backed up is used to fill half of the fuel oil for the oil cylinder. The road heat engine shakes the air bubbles in the oil pipe and starts to bubble. Before the test, add some oil to the upper standard scale line.

5, calculation method: look at the table, small throttle slow start, reach the cruise speed within 100M, hold the throttle to keep the speed stable at 30KM / H, try to drive to the end of the test section. The last 50M can turn off the throttle and slide in place, which is a compensation for the start of the refueling. When you stop, look at the time to record the time. After parking, look at the fuel level in the oil cylinder and record the first. Park your parking space! ! In addition to the travel time, the test speed is calculated as the error is too large, and the fuel level difference in the cylinder is used to calculate the fuel consumption. The fuel consumption divided by the distance can calculate the fuel consumption per 100 kilometers of cruise, and the distance divided by the fuel consumption can calculate the number of kilometers per liter of fuel test.

The easiest way: some motorcycle oil switches have two oil levels, high and low. First record the number of kilometers of the road code at the high oil level on the speedometer, and then record the amount of oil YL. When the fuel is used again to cut off the oil at high oil level, record the number of kilometers of the road code L2 at the time of the vehicle. The number of kilometers subtracted from L1 by L2 divided by Y is equal to the fuel per liter of fuel that can be run in practice. The number of kilometers is valid for the commuters who are driving by routine. The disadvantage is that the result is too slow or inaccurate. It is a long practice to improve the vehicle. Sometimes it will be improved due to changes in the condition of the car and the weather. The effect is more and more chaotic.

The oil consumption is mainly related to the following factors:

(1) Where there is leakage oil in some part of the engine.

(2) The performance and quality of the oil itself, the inferior engine oil is more expensive than the high-quality engine oil, and the low viscosity and high relative viscosity are expensive.

(3) It has a great relationship with the temperature of the engine. Low speed and large load and long distance driving will cause the engine temperature to be too high, so that the oil consumption will increase sharply.

(3) There is a certain difference between the oil consumption and the internal structure of the engine and the lubrication method. The engine consumption of the oil passage is large, the pressure is large, and the multi-point injection is relatively large.

The engine is the heart of a car. Why do each car's instruction manual require that the amount of oil be checked before going out every day? The main reason is that the engine oil consumption is too large to affect normal driving. It is recommended that all the friends and friends should be trained. Check the good habits of diligent maintenance. Once you find that the oil is lower than the lower limit, you should replenish it in time. You must replace it when you travel to a certain mileage.

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